Sydney Sports Podiatry

Sydney Sports Podiatry is one of the leading sports podiatry clinics in Sydney. We have a dedicated team of specialists having expertise in diagnosing and treating any foot and lower leg related problems caused by a sports injury. We perform a full biomechanical assessment that includes video gait analysis. This analysis helps us diagnose your problem and the origin of the problem. Our experts are skilled professionals who can prescribe which shoe sportsmen should wear after a specific kind of injury.

We have come up with a bunch of vital podiatric services for you. These services are:

- Digital gait assessment - Shockwave therapy

- Custom orthotics - General podiatry

- Heel pain - Garrison health

- Common conditions

This is not the end! We will provide you with taping, padding, and strapping services, stretching, and strengthening programs, massage, and dry needling requirements, etc. To get an appointment, visit-

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  • Stewart Law
    2 months ago
    Professional with great practical advice. The orthotics I bought allow me to run pain free and reduce general soreness. Highly recommend.
  • Michael Walsh
    8 months ago
    Had a previous podiatrist completely mess up my orthotic's. Andrew sized me up and could immediately tell what was going on. Very impressive!! A good podiatrist makes all the difference. Highly recommend this place.
  • Alexandra Vrachas
    a year ago
    Shocked! I Thought I could never wear high heels again! I was beside myself. However I was told about how outstanding Andrew Bull and his team were. In desperation I went to see Andrew. I followed his exercise directions and also bought orthotics. Now now more pain! And yes I am wearing my high heels again with my fav outfits. That was about 2 years ago and still going strong. I still do his exercises for my particular condition. I will always go back to Andrew and his team. Could not be more impressed with the results and class myself as a living example of what he can do with a pair of worn out old feet. If I could give 10 stars I would!
  • Christopher Cooper
    a year ago
    I have been seeing Nick Marinos weekly for 6 weeks and he has been my savior! He knows his stuff, is intuitive, practical, realistic and an affable guy to boot. Faced with a torn ligament, compressed nerve and Achilles tendinopathy, he patiently led me through a treatment and exercise regime which will enable me to embark on a long planned South American adventure. He will certainly be my “go to” for any podiatry assistance! I can’t thank you enough Nick!!!
  • Frank
    a year ago
    A painful ingrown toenail was limiting my mobility and walkabout exploration of Sydney during my vacation. Luckily, I found Nick available on short notice, and he took care of the problem in short order. Professional, knowledgeable and informative sums up his skillful expertise. Recommended without reserve. Thanks, Nick.

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