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Originally established in Europe, we set up an Australian company with a large warehouse in Gold Coast Queensland in 2018 keeping stock of a large range of items to supply both commercial and home gyms. Every single person in our company from the bookkeeper to warehouse staff has a passion for fitness and works out regularly.

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  • Luke Dehnert
    2 weeks ago
    Unreal customer service, Craig at Verve Fitness really helped me out! Prompt replies and great communication. My Verve power barbell is holding up great and I can't wait to try out the Verve Premium PU dumbbells when they arrive!
  • Juzzo's Gym
    2 weeks ago
    Amazing quality gym equipment. The team at Verve really cares about what they do! Communication has been superb, still waiting on my orders, but I'm more than happy to wait for this level of quality :). The only true competitor to Rogue in Australia! Highly recommend investing in this equipment!
  • Adam Davies
    3 weeks ago
    Purchased a rack, belt squat and reverse hyper from Verve and was impressed with their communication especially during this time and their quality of gear. Look forward to picking up some more items in the coming months.
  • Alec lavender
    2 months ago
    Their Customer service is above all the competitors, they helped with all issues or questions regarding my order and always had an active helpline through messenger. Furthermore, the quality of my product was fantastic. I will now always see verve Fitness as my first choice when buying fitness gear.
  • Josh Vasicek
    10 months ago
    Have been stocking my gym full of Verve kit! We recently recieved their belt squat, which has been a massive assist in helping our athletes who struggle with barbell squating. Can't rate their customer service high enough!