Ultramatic is an Australian business which specialises in Adjustable beds with an aim to assist those who can't obtain a good night's sleep. Ultramatic offers the best quality adjustable beds, beds Adelaide and electric beds which help provide relief to those who suffer from sleep health concerns, including sleep apnea machine and sleep apnea machine Adelaide.

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  • Jessica Potter
    2 weeks ago
    Fantastic, very responsive and helpful customer service
  • paula weniton
    a year ago
    My husband and I bought two king singles about 4 months ago. These beds are brilliant. I strongly recommend you purchase one. Customer service was excellent. This company can supply casters for the bed, so you can easily move them. We opted for just the casters as we didn’t like how high the beds were, (yes I’m short) I will never go back to an ordinary bed again. Completely satisfied customers.
  • Emmanuel Khoury
    2 years ago
    I'm loving my new bed :) The best part is that I am sleeping much better too!
  • sherry mannix
    2 years ago
    Great service, pricing and quality. I bought an adjustable bed for my mother and it has helped her with her aching muscles. Thank you very much 😁
  • J Ali
    2 years ago
    Very high quality and best customer service. Definitely i recommend it