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Bikes remain a popular mode of transportation, as they are not only economical but also environmentally friendly. If you are considering getting a bike, head over to Texolabs. We supply and manufacture vintage electric bicycles in Sydney. Our electric bikes are a perfect blend of elegance, comfort and functionality. Our custom-made "La Panteh%E8re" is street legal. It provides a smooth and enjoyable ride. It's robustness and power makes it highly suitable for a variety of purposes. Some of its features are genuine leather saddle, back light & alarm with remote control, full LCD coloured display and more. Visit our website for further product details. Shop today.

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  • Junipery 1000%
    4 months ago
    Studied fine arts here and dropped it. I didn't really fit in with the fine arts people as much as I liked because funnily because at the time Paddington seemed very left in politics and although I cared a lot about nature and animals, and was more politically central... overall I was a little more analytical and had my own beliefs. Felt like the majority of the students weren't on my level conceptually hahah (finally got that out) and wasted a bit of my time... but I did do a lot of cool experiments! Even our fashion senses were different I was more neutral and smart casual while they were a lot more colourful (maybe this has changed) but even though it said Paddington was my main campus on my uni card, I never really identified with this campus. My tutors and lectures were all fantastic and kind and some would help you even when you're no longer their student 🤗 Some courses are very future tech oriented e.g. creative robotics, some data visualization, interactive media. And the makerspace is really cool!!!
  • Jason Zheng
    a year ago
    Quite, small, and good diversity. There is courtesy bus between here and main camp.
  • Ella Sian
    a year ago
    Great university!Beautiful, Walls are also so very black and white considering this is an art campus there aren't much wall based artworks.
  • Penny Christie
    a year ago
    University of New South Wales Art and Design campus in Paddington is a nice place to study. My son studied there for four years and enjoyed each year. He did wish it was part of the UNSW main campus in Kensington but also liked that it is a specialised school on its own. There is a free shuttle bus that can take you to and from the main campus which isn’t very far. The cafe attached to the university is also great and offers nice food for breakfast or lunch, with friendly service.
  • Nischaya Mathema
    3 years ago
    I learned a lot coming to UNSW Art and Design. The teachers were really friendly to me. I am a pretty quite person and I don't like socialising much. So I did not get along with many of the students here because I was really shy to talk. But I am who I am because of this UNSW Art and Design.

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