20+ Years of Family Dental Care


Our long term senior dental supporting staff have a combined 20+ years of experience. We understand how to make your visits as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

We have over 20 years of clinical dental experience across all areas of dental fields including:

Emergency Care and Age Care

Children Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry

Oral Surgery and Implant

Gum Treatment and Minor Orthodontic

We undergo continuous professional development to provide you with the latest quality, evidence-based dental care.

Our goal is to provide patient life- long dental care and information to help you maintain your smile for life.

We understand smiles and oral health are crucial to a whole person's well-being that's why we offer comprehensive examinations.

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  • Lisa MacDonald
    a month ago
    Dr Chaung Han is superb as a dentist 🦷 pain free gentle and very good in what he does i have kept coming back but unfortunately due to moving away from the area i wont be able to come back too far now but everyone should give this dentist a try
  • Bob Cobb
    5 months ago
    I would not recommend this dentist. After being told I would need root canal, the dentist was not able to perform the first stage. He advised I would need to see a specialist or lose the tooth. He charged $416 for NOT doing the treatment. After getting another opinion from another dentist, the treatment was completed with a cost of $288 and I get to keep my tooth.
  • billy bob
    10 months ago
    Great dentist! Dr. Chaung is the closest to pain-free any dentist could be. His work is almost over-delicate, not some back-alley butcher!! + his work is exceptional. He's a real pro. All the dental nurses, and receptionists are cute, and friendly. If I could give this place more stars I would.
    Very kids friendly dentist! I had my two kids dental check here, all the staffs are very nice and the environment is good! Doctor also explained what it may happen in future depends on current situation. Will recommend here to other people.
    Very happy with this dental clinic for the high quality services and friendly staff. My two boys have been coming there many times. My six years old boy was very nervous about any procedure. But the doctor is very patient and professional. He had a very pleasant experience there.

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