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Pets in Peace is a Queensland business that supports those who have lost their animal companions. Pets in Peace provides dignified cremation services to pets so that owners can say goodbye in a private and meaningful way. With over 10 years' experience in funeral and cremation services, maintains the highest standard in pet aftercare. To hear more about our services, please contact 1800 100 909.

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  • Maria Spiliotopoulos
    4 weeks ago
    Very happy with the service provided by the Pets in Peace team. Very thorough with providing all information and showing empathy through such a tough time. The lady I spoke to on the phone was absolutely beautiful and had a very warm manner! I could feel her genuine sadness for me as I had a hard time talking during the call. We love the certificate and paw print we received and the urn and inscription is beautiful, such a wonderful way to have his memory shown in our house for all to see. Thank you very much!
  • Alison Nash
    a month ago
    Poor communication. I had to call them to find out if my beloved Reg had been picked up from the vet. Took almost two weeks to have his ashes returned. No communication during that two weeks to confirm the day he would be bought back to us. The only time I received communication from them was to pay money. I had been told over the phone that I would receive a gold plated mould of Reg’s paw but that turned out to be a gold painted print of his paw. Not what I had been hoping to expect during our grief. Wish I’d gone with another company.
  • Mr & Mrs Horvath
    4 months ago
    Pets In Peace looked after our boy Vader and looked after us personally. No request was too difficult: from taking extra paw prints,.to keeping his paws crossed as he always did, to the inscription on his urn etc. Our boy Vader got the dignity he deserved, and the care we needed. We couldn't be more grateful to the team at Loganholme. The inscription on the urn "What've you got", is something we would always say to Vader. Whenever we said that, he would pick the closest thing to him and we would play chasey.
  • Brooke Queitzsch
    4 months ago
    I cannot recommend Pets in Peace enough. The ARH organized my boy's collection with PiP, they then contacted me for the more personal finer details of my boy's cremation. It was an easy process and all who I spoke to were so lovely and caring. My heart goes out to them and the wonderfull job they do. When Jason brought The Dude's ashes home to me, I was beside myself with grief-he was so warm and caring and even though a complete stranger, he was reassuring and compassionate. Thank you so much for your service. I would recommend you highly.
  • Tamara Coleman
    4 months ago
    Would not recommend. Find another service who cares more about your beloved passed animal. Took 3 weeks to get my beloved cats ashes back after I kept chasing up why it was taking so long when they told me 1 week. Told me to be home for him to be delivered between 9-1 and again no communication, 1pm came and no one showed. Called the company who gave me an excuse and said he would be delivered in half hour. Waited over an hour. Terrible service, no communication. Won’t be recommending to anyone.