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Our experienced team offers effective therapies for children, teenagers, and adult in Australia. Our Integrative Psychologist Brisbane team aims to help people live a happier, healthier and more meaningful life.

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  • Christy Grenon
    2 months ago
    Unfortunately disappointed and felt taken advantage of by Ness, naturopath. While she is very nice, I got little value out of our time together. She was disorganised, did not use the time effectively, and was not transparent about the treatment she was suggesting. My first appointment went fine, though she started it late and I left not really all that clear about her approach to diagnosing and treating. For my second appointment she sat there and watched videos with me for 10 minutes, which seemed like a huge waste of time given I could have easily done that at home and that 10 minutes cost me $22. Prior to my third appointment I emailed her with several days notice suggesting we reschedule, as my blood results from recent lab tests were not back and we wouldn't have any new data to work with. Ness said we should go ahead anyway so I came in for the appointment, in which she proceeded to spend the entire time selling me on a stool test that would cost $560. I was confused why she was just now recommending this test, when nothing had changed since the previous appointment and she could have given me a pamphlet or suggested the idea then, as to not waste my time. I felt like I had spent $110 on the appointment only for her to sell me an expensive test. Anyway, against better judgement, I decided to proceed with the test but before purchasing I very clearly asked if there was an upcharge for buying the test from Ness and not directly from the out of house lab. She said no up charge. After, I looked into the lab myself out of interest, then I decided to call them and ask what the test would be if I purchased directly from them. $360 for the exact same test they told me!! So Ness and Integrated Wellness decided to upcharge by over 50%!!! As a client you already pay for the time to review the tests, and Integrated Wellness has nothing to do with running the test, so there is no logical reason they would upcharge at all, let alone 50%!!!! Absolutely ridiculous, I felt like I was being scammed. So I emailed Ness with my disappointment and confusion (particularly given I specifically asked about an upcharge) and she never responded. Well that spoke to me about her character and I returned the test to Integrated (unused), and after speaking with the manager I got a full refund. The only good I can say about Integrated is the admin/phone team were pleasant and easy to coordinate with, despite the circumstances. I am very disappointed by how they treat their clients and their business model of upcharging astronomically.
  • Luke Jordan
    a year ago
    This clinic is amazing! The team are the most wonderful, educated, helpful people and will care for anyone. Highly recommended!
  • Michael Beecham
    a year ago
    Could not recommend Integrated Wellness Clinic enough!! The team at the Clinic helped me get through an extremely rough time in my life, and I honestly believe the lovely staff had a huge positive impact in my life bouncing back. These people know what they are talking about, and will help you in the most holistic healthy way possible, without all the side effects and chemicals. I continue to visit and always will. Thank you Integrated Wellness Clinic! 5 stars time and time again!
  • Oscar Taylor
    2 years ago
    We have felt cared for. Reception team have always been very supportive. I have recommended to my friends and family.
  • Kelly Burton
    2 years ago
    Suzi and the team here are amazing!! I have been seeing them intermittentently for about a year to get some support while managing some mental and physical health issues, including fatigue and burn out. The complete care they provide is second to none and personalised to exactly what I need, when I can manage it. There's no pressure to buy a mountain load of supplements all at once, just a solid care plan that I can work through. I can honestly say that under their care, I have been a calmer, more balanced person! Thanks guys 💗

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