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Xzavier Driving School is a driving lessons company in Australia. we have experienced staff to learn how to drive a car safely. Our team is professional and our services are reliable and we offer these services at affordable prices.

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  • Dongming Liu
    2 weeks ago
    I passed my drive test with clavier driving school My instructor was friendly , professional and calm He explained everything very clearly and all his instructions were easy to follow I would highly recommend them!!
  • Shaban Qaiser
    a month ago
    Medi is excellent driving instructor with clear instructions and providing examples to explain road rules. He is always cool and calm and keeps you very comfortable. Recommend him strongly for driving lessons and drive test.
  • Samir Ahmed
    a month ago
    I would highly recommend Xzavier driving school. Medi was amazing!! He gave me all the right tips and they were very easy to follow. I passed with a 100% score!!!
  • Alex Kubenko
    2 months ago
    First of all, I would like to say how kind and calming Medi is. He makes you feel reassured and safe whilst driving. He teaches you skills that will forever keep you safe on the road. And may even give you a few helpful life lessons :). But in conclusion I highly recommend him to anyone and I will for sure be recommend him to all my future drivers and friends. 10/10 best driving school
  • Amandeep Kaur
    3 months ago
    Medi was the best instructor I’ve ever had. He’s the friendliest teacher I’ve ever had. He made me feel comfortable in reverse parallel. I would recommend him to anyone. He’s the best in his line of work. I passed the driving test confidently.

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