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Wonder Motors - Auto Mechanic and located in Dandenong, owned by most experienced auto mechanic Javed Rahimi and the family-based business is running successfully for the past 25 years.

Wonder Motors the best you can hire from the list of top car service center near me which offers complete auto care for your vehicle. To exceed the expectation of customers on auto care services, wonder motors offer the best car mechanic near me to provide supreme quality service in a clean, considerable and effective work environment.

1. Engine Oil Replacement.

2. Engine Oil filters Replacement.

3. Belts & Hoses Replacement.

4. General check & computer scan all vehicles.

5. Lights/ wipers/ washers/indicators Inspection.

6. Inflate Tyres Inspection.

7. Inspect brake pad & discs (Front & rear).

8. Inspect CV's & drive shafts.

9. Inspect power steering hoses.

10. Inspect the battery level. Use a terminal protector.

- Guaranteed Best Automobile Services

- Open all 7 Days in a Week

- Authorized Mechanics

- On-time Delivery

- Transparent and Affordable Prices

Wonder Motors - An auto car service centre offering its quality services for more than 25 years and manages to gain high reputation values among the clients. The car repair shops of Wonder Motors are run by more experienced mechanics. And all our mechanics are highly trained and true professionals capable of handling all models cars.

We currently located in Dandenong a suburban of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. By specific we exactly cited 29 km south-east away from Melbourne CBD. We are the best in auto servicing through the latest automotive technology. As a result, we often picked by the vehicle owners from the list of the best local car service centre in Dandenong.

15-17 Hammond Road, Dandenong VIC 3175

Phone: 03 9793 7769


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  • Lady WarFare
    2 weeks ago
    Amazing. Thank you for the quicknrepair. Especially on a sunday
  • Malinda Thenabadu
    3 weeks ago
    Best car mechanic highly recommended
  • Quick Towing Ehsani
    3 months ago
    Javid is wonder mechanic
  • A Luu
    7 months ago
    Our car had just started making very loud squeaking, rattling noises and we knew something was very wrong. We decided to find a mechanic nearby and was so lucky that Wonder Motors was open on Saturday late afternoon as our water pump just died on the way there and our car started to over heat when we arrived. He knew straight away when we pulled up that it was our water pump as he could see our belt touching the floor. He was kind enough to help us get our car fixed by the next day before lunch. Fortunately, we were staying nearby for another night. Very happy to say we got out car fixed on time and the price was very reasonable. So fortunate that they're open on the weekend! Thank you so much! I highly recommend this mechanic!
  • bismillah haideri
    12 months ago
    Before you try another car mechanic, you should definitely give Jawid Rahimi a go. Not only were they prompt in responding to my query and actioning my booking, they were able to do everything about the car and doing his good to makes his client happy

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