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Capital Facility Services are Melbourne's professional providing 24-hours emergency cleaning and Drying services. Our IICRC certified experts are best in restoring water damaged carpet using specialised water extraction equipment for drying wet carpets. Call us on 1300 554 418 for your cleaning emergency in Melbourne.

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  • Lily Pirotta
    2 years ago
    We had a fire at our house. The quote was to clean and wet wash all walls and ceilings. The wet wash is a spray bottle and dry cloth. For a 30+ square house they did it in under 2 days. On inspection I discovered that many of my ceilings had not been cleaned and my laundry, powder room and ensuite had not been cleaned. So I rang the company and they sent the cleaner back out a few days later. He kept telling me that his chemicals only clean spot off the ceilings and won’t remove any other marks. So I got my dish sponge and wet it with water and cleaned marks off. He kept arguing with me over his chemicals not cleaning marks off but when I said that if water can remove the marks shouldn’t a chemical base product remove them. They quoted cleaning the bricks in our garage, then after I accepted the quote they tried to up the price and charge $1000 extra. When the office called back to organise payment I explained how I was spoke to by the cleaner and he told me that he would inform management, for a job to be quoted $5700. I don’t think I am being unreasonable in expecting it to be done so that every surface is cleaned. Don’t waste your time with them.
  • Samuel smith
    2 years ago
    Capital did a great job, cleaning up our home after the roof collapsed during heavy storms. They secured our home, dried and fixed everything promptly and managed all the trades. So we did not have to worry about the restoration process. All done in a few weeks. We recommend capital
  • BeyondAccountancy .
    3 years ago
    Jerry and Nick from CFS were terrible. VCAT ordered our landlord to fit an ensuite which had water and mould damage that extended through the floor and under the house. Instead of removing and replacing the rotted floors they just stuck some thin ply over it. Nick was hard to contact and it would be a week or more between visits. Despite all of that, they came to VCAT and claimed that we had delayed them!! The opposite was true. We had to follow Nick up. He failed to turn up on 4 promised occasions. Luckily we had phone records to disprove their claim that we didn't answer Nick's calls. After two months we moved out and it still wasn't finished (Picture #1). Picture #2: left the floor like that for 8 days. Picture #3: rotten floorboards, Picture #5: their "solution": cover over the rot and the hole. The painter they got was pathetic. Missed whole sections (cut in but forgot to roll) and the paint had cracked within 2 weeks. (Picture #5). Claimed to be mould specialists but did not use filters to catch the mould spores during work and their own testing showed that there was still a HIGH mould reading after they had finished. If you are a shonky landlord, CFS is for you. But I wouldn't use them on a property I owned.
  • James Porter
    4 years ago
    Thanks to the team at Capital Facility Services for their prompt attendance to my property after a burst pipe caused the entire ground level to flood. I highly recommend their services. In such short notice they were able to extract all the water and dry all areas. I was extremely happy with the outcome. Thanks again
    At Capital Facility Services we are proud to announce that we scored 96.19% customer satisfaction as part of the 2014 Australian Achiever Awards in the Cleaning and Maintenance Services and Supplies Category. This achievement has given us a highly recommended Australian Achiever status for the second year in a row. It is just another example of our commitment to our customers and our focus to delivering high value solutions across all facets of our business; from flood and fire damage restoration through to contract and commercial cleaning.

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