Werribee Automotive

Werribee automotive is the place where one can find trusted car servicing and boat repairs as it carries 35 years experience along with experts and specialist in the automotive industry. We pride ourselves in providing excellent service and advice in all aspects of motor vehicles. Every vehicle is treated with care, we use disposable floor mats & seat covers at every service.

Our Services are

- Roadworthy Certificates

- Car Servicing

- Log book Servicing

- Brakes

- EFI Servicing

- Reco Engines

- Ski Boat Engines & Repairs

For Information call us on (03) 9741 6211

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  • Michael Webb
    3 months ago
    Good honest mechanic
  • Dave Harmer
    5 months ago
    Grant and co provide fantastic service and I highly recommend them.
    Take all our cars there. Great service and lovely people to deal with.
  • Kay Sciberras
    a year ago
    We have been going to Werribee Automotive for many years. Our business vehicles as well as our private vehicles are looked after by Grant and his team. If there is a major problem with a vehicle Grant will contact us and explain the situation before going ahead with the repairs. They always try to fit us in at short notice and get the job done with minimal inconvenience. Grant and his team also look after the vehicles of our extended family and we would highly recommend Werribee Automotive to anyone who needs an excellent mechanic.
  • Amil Punchihewa
    a year ago
    I wanted to replace my brake pads as they were making some squeaking nose and Werribee Automotive were very honest and told me that my brake pads are fine and explained me the reasons for the noise. They could have easily replace the brake pads and charge me but they didn't do that. Very honest and professional team! Thanks!

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