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Situated in the heart of Mount Eliza, the Village Clinic has been the home for General Practitioners for nearly 50 years. It is the medical care centre for four generations of locals as well as for the visitors to the Mornington Peninsula.

Over the years, Village Clinic has progressively evolved in order to offer the best possible care to their patients by being a modern, fully equipped centre of excellence in General practice. With ample car parking, an entry ramp for the disabled we have a large waiting area with two television screen which roll out the day%u2019s news as well as the clinic%u2019s information and special features.

Village Clinic comprises of experienced doctors who work alongside their nursing team and reception staff. In addition to this, Village Clinic also has a physiotherapist, podiatrist, psychologist, and a dietitian on staff.

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  • John Mccarthy
    4 months ago
    I am certainly happy with the customer service at the reception area & very happy with Patrick as my G.P. I find Patrick informative & helpful when explaining medical aspects & medicines.
  • Sarah Scott
    11 months ago
    The most caring Drs in the world work here
  • Krisztina Caldicott
    11 months ago
    My family has been coming to this Clinic since 1981 and we have all been treated with exceptional care. At various stages I've been seen by nearly every one of the doctors both past and present. Now I have ongoing health issues so i am a constant customer. I see Dr Luke Carter who is an amazingly caring doctor with a brilliant bedside manner. Yes we sometime have to wait way past our appointment time but they're treating sick patients not sitting around having cups of tea. I also find the nursing staff to be kind caring and polite but once again if you are rude to people they will treat you the same way you treat them. I do wish that they would bulk bill us pensioners who possess a Health Concession Card as ill health becomes very expensive.
  • MsBillyLee .
    2 years ago
    Doctor Luke Carter is so easy to talk to. Every concern you have is listened to carefully and given attention right away. I have been going to the Village Clinch since I was a child. Now my children are going there. This truly is a family clinic and Doctor Luke is a great family doctor.
  • Faye Bolwell
    2 years ago
    I first met Dr Kelly Vlamakis, fifteen or more years ago at another clinic. When she left there, I thought I had lost one of the best and most thorough doctors I had ever encountered, however due to a serendipitous meeting with a third party, I rediscovered Kelly at the Village Clinic, Mt Eliza. I don’t live there, but I would travel even further to attend that clinic. All the Village Clinic doctors I have consulted at various times have been great and all extremely knowledgeable in their particular interests. It is lovely to walk in the door and be greeted by name by any member of the staff. This is a warm and community minded clinic that I can’t recommend highly enough.

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