User Friendly and Reliable Cleaning Service Provider in Sunshine

Founded 6 years ago, VicCleaning Services is a renowned name in carpet cleaning, gutter and window cleaning, and adjoining areas. 

In residential or commercial settings, we take care of everything from cleaning upholstery to carpets and rugs. Thanks to our nature-friendly products, we make sure you live in a clean environment We offer a wide range of services in Melbourne, Point Cook, Tarneit, Truganina, Hoppers Crossing, Werribee, Altona, Wyndham Wale, Williams Landing, Sunshine, such as:

- Window cleaning

- Rugs and carpet cleaning

- Gutter cleaning

- Commercial office cleaning

- End of lease cleaning

- Outdoor cleaning

- Maintenance services

We like to maintain close relationships with our customers and become more than just a carpet cleaning service provider. 

- Expertise in both commercial and residential cleaning

- High quality standards and practices

- Consistent and reliable services

- Pet friendly

- Use of eco-friendly cleaning products

- Focus on customer satisfaction and delight

Service Areas: Melbourne, Point Cook, Tarneit, Truganina, Hoppers Crossing, Werribee, Altona, Wyndham Wale, Williams Landing, Sunshine.

VicCleaning offers plans based on many years of cleaning experience, and provides innovative solutions based on the latest trends in the industry. So make a call today at our registered numbers to book an appointment. You can visit our website to know more about our services too. 

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  • Janaya Brennan
    2 months ago
    Hi, I'm here to let the company know (seeing as they won't respond to my messages - Via phone.) That I want my money back for multiple reasons! I had booked the cleaner to come in same day 3bed 1 bath house deep clean. However, the cleaner failed to wash my dishes properly he literally rinsed them I seen this with my own two eyes as I was in the house dismantling my Christmas tree & packing some other things away from the holiday.... There were 3 cups in one cup stacked and he literally just rinsed all as is under water and stacked on dish rack. Not only the cups were oily the whole rack was still left with food scabs and the sink. He then proceeded to wipe the cupboards down and they were wiped down and just smudged oil mark all over my cupboards. Didn't wipe stove top down either... Additionally he moves in to my bathroom and fails to clean the entire bathroom didn't move anything or straighten anything out bath tub was left with soap marks from when I wash my baby and the bath water has been let out to drain those marks were still in the bath. The dusting was absolutely horrid he had dusted the top windows ceil and dust falling onto my baby play mat and toys (no care was given) and dusting wasn't that too crash hot either. Toilet wasn't even touched he walked in and walked out. My house is a small house and all is seeable. Meanwhile me and my partner are doing most of the work like moving chairs and lounge so he can vacuum and mop under the table etc... I also forgot to mention that this person had broken my fan light bracket above my stove top. When this person had left I had 2 gifts that were unwanted and I had offered them to this cleaner for free a gift to him for his girlfriend as he had done me a solid for coming same day at such short notice. I rang this cleaner up next day to discuss all this with him. He proceeding to go and tell me that he has been doing this for X amount of time... bla bla bla I had told him that I was a Ex Domestic Cleaner myself and had stopped working due to having my baby and the work that is done is not up to standard. He comes to my house unanounced and gives back the gifts I had gifted him and returns me 50 bux. I said to him that my stove top fan light is going to cost more than that. He just replied okay okay sister. And walked out. I am now in the middle of doing a Vcat application to have what was damaged fix and or repaired by this company. I rang the company again today 8th Jan 2021 to discuss and the guy just hung up on me very very rude. The least they could do is take responsibility and move on with their job!. I wouldn't really recommend this company as this experience was very unpleasant and has cause some on going issues that are not necessary in my life at the moment.
  • Saurabh Bammi
    3 months ago
    Highly disappointed. We were referred by a guy who previously did 2 jobs for us and was amazing. We trusted his reference and on the advise we left the entire house 4 bedroom, living, formal lounge, 2 bathrooms and backyard to the guys and were told will take almost 6 hours. The job was done within 3 hours and the only thing which was cleaned completely was the side concrete. The oven was not cleaned at all, major part of the house still had dust and was not cleaned at all . They gave us just 10 minutes to inspect the house. And The guy was in a rush to leave without waiting for us to check. When I called later, he was rude and said you should have told me when I asked you to inspect. He charged $900 for 3 hours and did a pathetic job. On multiple request to send the invoice, we haven’t yet received it. We Will never recommend him to anyone. He just ripped us off and we felt cheated.
    Very professional and experienced people. Sakthi and the team did an excellent job of cleaning the gutters. The price is reasonable. Highly recommended.
  • Kiran James
    5 months ago
    I hired these guys for my gutter cleaning and pretty happy with their quality of work. I realised they do plenty of other stuff and I really recommend these guys. Good work 👍
  • Leah Holiday
    7 months ago
    I used to deal with a lovely lady IV tried to email I got no response Not sure what has happened to her Or even if she still works for the company Or not but I still hope she does as she was a massive asset to this company We agreed that once I moved home that we would be happy for her to our house I haven't heard anything back. Usually she would respond to my email within a few hours. But nothing.

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