Versatile Structures

Hi, our business name is Versatile Structures. We are providing the highest quality shade structures in Australia. You could find different types of Shade sails commercial umbrellas, poly-carbonate roofing, insulated panel roofing with us

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  • Nick Gillam
    a month ago
    I've worked with Versatile Structures for many years now and have always been impressed with their quality of work and scope ability.
  • Kane Peters
    a month ago
    5 stars and 2 thumbs up for sure. I have dealt with the team for years across several projects and they have always done great work. Versatile are always helpful, knowledgeable, provide value and are genuinely good to deal with. 👍👍
  • Luke Cassidy
    a month ago
    A highly experienced team of experts who completed my project efficiently. Highly recommend their services.
  • Glenys Searle
    a year ago
    Super impressed with the work done by Versatile Structures. Our shade had been extensively damaged by a storm, and they made us a new one and installed it without any fuss.
  • david bradshaw
    3 years ago
    I had such a great experience from versatile structures, the team had great communication throughout our commercial project. Although our site hit some unsuspecting problems, versatile structures remained calm and flexible, yet realistic. I like the high focus on quality and versatility in their product range.