Urban Quest offers corporate team building activity in Melbourne.

Urban Quest offers a one-of-a-kind team building, school excursions, and birthday activities in Melbourne. We provide exciting and dynamic team building which are fun and meaningful.

Here at Urban Quest, we organize outdoor team building activities, super fun kids parties and birthdays which will make someone feel special. Through our interactive team building activities; teams will be faced with challenges and are pushed to work together as they work with their decisions and experiential activities.

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  • Joe O'Brien
    3 months ago
    Went as the buck on a Buck's Party. Great fun, really well organised. We had teams on the smaller side which meant the cost was a bit high. Would highly recommend if you're into escape rooms or the like.
  • Boriana Evans
    5 months ago
    My son and his friends all loved the amazing (Urban) race organised by Urban Quest. There was a lot of activities, personalised for the kids' age group.
  • Agata Margaret Kula
    6 months ago
    Thank you to Serge and the team for a wonderful school incursion. Our Year 7 students had a blast! Highly organised and professional organisation. Highly recommended.
  • Michelle Miles
    7 months ago
    We had the great team from Urban Quest come out to one of our local parks and conduct an Amazing Race for my daughter's 12th birthday. The kids had a ball, was so great to see them all running around in the sunshine, laughing and just having fun. Was also lovely from a parents perspective that I got to talk to the other parents while the kids were well and truly occupied. As the kids were leaving I got numerous "Best Party Ever"comments so thank you for making Alex's 12th Birthday definitely one to remember.
  • Rhys Griffiths
    a year ago
    Really loved the event HOT PURSUIT that I participated in, it was incredibly well run, the entire package was high quality and well thought out. 2 skill difficulties for different teams, so I really think anyone could enjoy it, and the host was friendly, clear and encouraging. Would be good for them to put a little more effort into marketing, as they don't appear on Google searches for 'Hot Pursuit Melbourne' or other search terms I tried, and I feel like the event would be more enjoyable with more teams. But I have no complains about the product itself, everyone really enjoyed it and we'll be participating again in the next one.

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