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Two of the most valuable commodities for a business owner are your time and your peace of mind. A top-quality employee time clock system can reward you with plenty of both. The Universal Time Recorders team have dedicated themselves to sourcing the best time clocks for Australian businesses, bringing the latest advances in Bundy clocks and fingerprint time clocks quite literally to your fingertips. Call or visit our website today

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  • O'Shaughnessy Fitzgerald
    10 months ago
    Great team to work with. Our small business needed a cost effective way to manage workers and the Universal crew were incredibly helpful. They recommended an employee time clock solution that met our needs and our budget, and has been working brilliantly since.
  • Dylan Sommerville
    11 months ago
    We used Universal Time to help us streamline our employee attendance process and we're really happy with the results. The biometric fingerprint time clocks we have installed are easy to use and have drastically simplified things for management and HR. Universal Time were incredibly helpful and extremely knowledgeable. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for great quality time clocks in Melbourne
  • Tina Okey
    11 months ago
    I purchased the Fingertec FaceID4 and am really happy with it. I highly recommend Universal Time as the staff were really helpful through the whole process.

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