Tongue n Groove Flooring

At Tongue n Groove we are passionate about oak. We love its character,

its patina and the elegance it bestows upon each and every project. It

is this passion, along with feedback from the market, which inspired us

to create a completely new type of engineered timber.

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  • Isadora Aguilere
    3 weeks ago
    Recently, last week, my partner and I went to the Sydney showroom and we were both surprised at the team there (all young beautiful girls), so we were in serious doubt of their knowledge on flooring. We were even more surprised when we were given a consultation that was more informative than our consultation with any other flooring company so far (we have been shopping around for a long long time). Unfortunately.. TONGUE N GROOVE was out of our budget as we were looking for something much cheaper and have already cut costs in other areas for our project, but I will be recommending this product to my friends who are renovating their homes.
  • David Tran
    3 months ago
    If you're searching for a design consultant to help you choose your perfect flooring, look no further than Ella @ Tongue & Groove. An exemplary professional who is patient and observant, and most importantly, willing to understand your requirements; even if - as it were in my case - the requirements were disjointed and at often time, contradictory. Ella was able to navigate my confusion, helping me narrow down my preferences to two floorboards. "Sepia" being the one that won the day. Thank you again Ella, if any of my family/friends/colleagues are looking for floorboards, I'm sending them directly to your showroom!
  • Alexis Bailly
    4 months ago
    EMILY was just fantastic & delivered the highest calibre customer service I've had in a while. My clients were in the showroom much earlier than I was, & Emily was already honing in their needs & wants when I arrived. It was incredibly busy, & she was able to serve each group of clients with calmness & ease with a professional & cheerful attitude which was so impressive & a big selling point for us. Everyone around us was acknowledged & visibly happy. The best part of this experience was that it didn't feel like we were speaking with a salesperson, but with someone who GENUINELY CARED about the outcome of the project & took every detail into account. The timber itself is simply stunning & great quality, but I'd hands down recommend Tongue & Groove for their unbeatable service standards.
  • Belinda Bevello
    5 months ago
    What a beautiful showroom on Danks st, and lovely staff. Was served by a nice girl with an American accent but I'm bad with names. But she was great and full of insight! Thank you. (edit) I felt so bad for her, she was the only one and there were many people in the showroom.
  • Elle Francis
    9 months ago
    Sold as a premium quality flooring and not sealed properly so everything stains them. Not suitable for use in homes, kitchens, office etc. Dog urine, oil, cheese - absolutely anything that touches the floor other than water stains it even if cleaned off straight away with their products. State Rep came out and said this is normal. Avoid our nightmare and don't buy them!

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