The Mystery Rooms

Solve puzzles, uncover clues and unlock your way through Melbourne's favourite Mystery Rooms

If you are looking for an for schools, team building or larger groups we are ready to host you.

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  • Steve Carnell
    3 months ago
    So well run. We had a 14th birthday party for my son and 4 of his mates in the medieval rooms. Quite a challenge, particularly with multiple young brains firing in as many different directions all initially at break neck speed. But our host handled them with aplomb, in character! Very engaging and willing to help guide the group on their quest. Beautifully set up with enough variation in the tasks to keep it interesting. Will definitely be back to complete other rooms! Can highly recommend :)
  • Cale Byrne
    4 months ago
    Had a group of 12 on the weekend celebrating my birthday. We chose Tomb Raider and Medieval rooms and absolutely loved both! Really interesting and fun puzzles. Our Medieval team didn’t beat the 1 hour time however the staff were super friendly and let us go overtime to finish it woo!
  • Hannah Len
    4 months ago
    The whole venue looked great from entrance on. Staff were helpful. Puzzles are well planned (harder to get right than you may think). Free drink included in the deal. Would very happily come back here. A plus is all the great shops and restaurants nearby. We did the Ned Kelly room.
  • Sam Hogan
    a year ago
    Such a great place to bring a group of friends and participate in these four chapters! The rooms are engaging and we'll thought out. It's a fun experience and I would highly recommend everyone to check out!
  • Michelle Chan
    a year ago
    A fun experience for all. Went with both my parents and hubby. We drove all the way from Warburton and was caught in a bad traffic. Staff were very accommodating and gave us a speed briefing. Puzzles and games are challenging yet well thought of. They gave free drink at the bar at the end of the game. Good refreshment. Will definitely come back to complete all the other rooms. And am looking forward to the Narnia themed room.