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The French Learning Institute provides we offer authentic French language classes in Sydney where our teachers are native French speakers, our classes are small and intimate, and learning French includes immersive French experiences in Sydney. What could be more French than sipping wine while ordering your main in French in a French restaurant%u2026 in Sydney? Okay, doing this in Paris is the only thing better, but we can teach you to speak the language of love in the Sydney CBD so you're ready to book your holiday to France - s'il vous plait!

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  • Grace Harnwell
    in the last week
    Completed the A1-1 group tuition class and absolutely loved it - learnt so much in the space of 10 weeks from an absolute beginner level! Had a great teacher who was a native French speaker. Highly recommend.
  • Sara Kitaoji
    a month ago
    I really enjoyed my private lessons at The French Learning Institute, as they enabled me to study and revise at my own pace. My teacher, Nadine, was very patient and supportive. She helped me to improve my pronunciation and listening skills, and explained the grammar. I also appreciated the management. Julie was always responsive to emails, and she was very quick to respond to the pandemic, smoothly transitioning all classes to Zoom when it became clear that in-person classes had become impractical. In many ways, learning via Zoom was more effective because I could submit my homework in advance by email and then use the whiteboard and share audio in class. It saved a lot of time since I no longer needed to commute. I have studied 8 languages at a dozen language schools over the past 25 years. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is thinking of starting French or wanting to revise and improve on previous studies.
  • Luisa Olmo
    2 months ago
    This may be the best school to learn French in Sydney! Before joining this school I attended 2 other schools in Sydney and this was by far more structured, consistent in quality and effective. I studies 2 hours a week with this school for 4 terms. I started as a beginner and was able to achieve basic conversation skills that I will use when I travel to France. The teachers are all very professional and will work hard to get you results. I would absolutely recommend this school as my first choice for learning french in Sydney and feel it is very good value for money. Others school might be cheaper, but I found that I barely learnt anything and had to start as a Beginner when I joined this school.
  • Carlos Olles
    4 months ago
    My son attended tutoring for almost 1 year prior to his IB exam in 2018. His confidence speaking and reading French improved greatly, demonstrated by his teacher's feedback and exam results. I was very please with the professionalism and caring nature of Julie and her team of wonderful and talented tutors. My daughter recently started learning at the institute and has already thanked me for introducing her to this wonderful school. Many thanks to Julie and her team for their dedication to share their passion for the French language. I would recommend this institute to anyone wanting to improve their French in all ways. Merci
  • Joe Baez
    2 years ago
    This insititute has one of the best methods of improving knowledge and understanding of the French language and culture to suit the learner. The lessons are customised, flexible and fun. Highly recommended either for the novice or for people looking to improve their existing French reading, writing and comprehension. Cinq étoiles!!

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