The Beer Factory

If you are looking for an exclusive place to brew your own beer in Melbourne, The Beer Factory is your right choice. Here, you can enjoy the beer that you created by yourself by following our beer brewing courses.

With us, you can enjoy every single step of beer making in Melbourne. From choosing ingredients to the fermentation process and returning to bottle, our friendly staff will assure you to provide an amazing experience of making your own beer.

You can also consider beer-making as one of the alternative bucks party in Melbourne. Treat your best mate with a bachelor party that's something out of ordinary. We make your bucks day ideas in Melbourne as lively and memorable as possible.

Why Choose Us?

Choose your beer ingredients from a wide range of varieties

Memorable hands on experience

Experience gifts for Men

Awesome atmosphere with a pool table and giant games

gift certificates

Also, we provide experience and beer gift vouchers. It's the best way to surprise your beer enthusiast friend. Depending on the cost of the gift voucher, you can brew up to 25 to 50 litres of beer. Here, we welcome your favourite group and treat with amazing beer-making experience in Melbourne.

We also excel in offering after-work drinks at great prices. Contact us today or check out our website to know more information about us.

Our service areas in Melbourne: Keilor Park, Keilor Downs, Essendon, Tullamarine, Taylors Lake.

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  • daniel spencer
    4 months ago
    Great atmosphere, great staff and even better Beer!
  • John Uwland
    6 months ago
    Friendly place, staff are great and the beer is awesome. Also got a lot of help to setup an old kegarator
  • Adrian Alfredini
    10 months ago
    15 slabs of beer poured down the drain! A group of 6 of us each brewed our own style of beer. After a couple of weeks everyone's beers had started turning sour and only got worse. After a number of emails and offers to bring a bottle of each beer in the replys stopped and no attempt of a refund or even discount to come Brew again was made. Such a waist of money...
  • Bruce Parkes
    2 years ago
    Had the best time making beer, with help from friendly staff. The whole experience was a joy and interesting in how it all works step-by-step. I like the fact that you can create your own label for your beer too. Great idea to impress friends if you having a special occasion. You will not be disappointed.đź‘Ś
  • Peter Wagstaff
    4 years ago
    A great way to restock the fridge, and get together with a few mates to brew up a few slabs of your favorite beer. At around $30 per slab, you get the best craft beer, and the bonus of knowing that you brewed it yourself. The bottling can take some time, but who cares when you can "spill" as much as you want. I'll be back!

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