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At Supertech Auto, we provide professional and repairs in Thomastown. Our mechanics are highly skilled and qualified to offer the very best in auto service. We provide a complete range of mechanical service and repair for all makes and models, including Toyota, Mazda, Subaru, Nissan, , Mercedes, Audi, Holden and Ford. Using the latest technologies and diagnostic computers, we can also identify and repair all kinds of vehicle problems in no time. To schedule your next car service, call us 1800062636.

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  • Maxine Mylonakis
    4 months ago
    Con did a ECU remap on my Holden Trailblazer 2018 Diesel, topped up with a exhaust upgrade this car boogies, opened up bottom end torque and released the true potential of the vehicle. Feels like half the weight of the vehicle was removed even when car is fully loaded, removed lag and feels like a sports car when overtaking trucks on the highway. Extremely happy! Quality and professional service. Highly recommend Supertech Auto!
  • Michael Borowski
    4 months ago
    Con did a remap and exhaust on my LC79, I'm very happy with the result, drives with a nice smooth power delivery.
  • Brodie Malone
    4 months ago
    Awesome bloke, recommend to anyone for a re-map
  • Rebecca Andrews
    5 months ago
    My car was repaired quickly and the staff are all very friendly. Would definately recommend!
  • Mark Stonehouse
    a year ago
    Had my 2016 PX Mk2 ranger ECU remapped and all services doe with SuperTech Auto great job Guy car runs like a dream

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