We are Australia's largest solar retailer headquartered in Sydney, NSW. Our current coverage includes 6 states and 2 territories: New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and Australian Capital Territory.

Our Aim is to Help Australians slash skyrocketing energy bills, tackling climate change and giving Australia a healthier, sustainable future.

Community service is at our heart on what we do: Whether it be tackling devastating bushfires or helping the world to fight breast cancer. Here at Sunboost, we believe in giving back to the society and that's why we donate a significant portion of our profits to help fight the community crisis.

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  • John Abraham
    in the last week
    First and foremost this review is for the company itself and not the installers who worked very hard to do their job and do it right. I simply, for the life of me, can't think of a single thing that went smoothly with these guys. At the start it all sounded professional and the price was competitive. Money was paid and they were willing to do the install on the same day. Installers rock up and they say what you were quoted in terms of kW is not accurate as half on the panels would be sitting on the south side which doesn't get much sun (not what I was told on the phone by whoever looked at the maps) and that the max I'll probably generate is ~8kW, yet I paid for a 10kW system and I was assured it would get around 9.8kW. After much arguing over the phone with head office they agreed to refund a small portion of the price, that itself took another 3 weeks and lots of phone calls for them to even own up to. As the installers finished the install they informed me that I cannot switch on the system until a smart meter is installed (which I wasn't told about any point during the quote, contract or install). It took them 3 weeks to get the install cert done and to contact my provider. I have a 10kW system that would only generate ~8kW, its powered off still 3 weeks after install and will be for another week until the smart meter is done. Lets hope that once turned on it'll actually work and not give me any problems.
  • Anthony Mclennan
    a month ago
    Monika was great on the phone with myself who is tech savvy,Barry is not,he's a older gentle man needs to be told slowly cheers Monika you did well
  • Jim Sattin
    a month ago
    Solved my problems efficiently with a friendly diposition. Thanks.
  • Bernie Breen
    a month ago
    My experience with Sunboost has been nothing less than exemplary! From my very first contact through to installation and beyond, I have been cared for throughout the entire process. But it doesn't stop there. I had cause to make contact with Jacob (who arranged the product and installation) about an issue I was experiencing with my system. He assured me I would hear from their after sales service team asap. He contacted me again to let me know that Zara would be in touch to assist in resolving the problem. Sure enough, within minutes I had a call from Zara to arrange for the issue to be rectified. This is outstanding customer service. They followed through and kept me informed every step of the way. I can't fault their service. To me, the most important thing when trying to resolve issues is to MANAGE THE CUSTOMER'S EXPECTATIONS and Sunboost have demonstrated that's what they do. Well done!
  • Jan Diedricks
    a month ago
    Monica was excellent when I phoned in and helped me get everything up and running in a flash!