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As one of the leading manufacturers of , we offer a range of campers to help you to choose based on your priorities. Our high-quality manufacturing process ensures reliable, durable camper trailers that can be your trusted companion for your outdoor trips.

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  • Scott Westbury
    3 weeks ago
    Very helpful no pressure sales men
  • Wendie Youl
    a year ago
    Have a Star Vision and couldn’t be happier. It has everything we need and very comfortable. Recommend them
  • Sam Bulli
    a year ago
    Love the PX1. I have seen about 20 campers and this is it.
  • Stuart Young
    a year ago
    I got my camper from Dandenong store great value for money, had a couple of small issues and they fixed it straight up no questions asked very good warranty side of things, could not fault the campers and the people who work there are always there to help, we are very happy with our camper and we highly recommend going and having a look😄😄
  • Michael Mcdonald
    2 years ago
    I bought one last year . It is still very good. Very good quality and very good price. Highly recommended

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