Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer

We are an Australian solar energy company based in Melbourne. We are helping homes and business in saving thousands of dollar on their electricity bill.

Founded in 2013, we are one of the first solar installers in Australia. We bring more than 20-years experience in the relevant electrical industry under our affiliate company, Electrical Connectivity Australia. With our outstanding background, we are proud to be recognized officially as Clean Energy Council (CEC) Member and CEC Approved Solar Installers.

Our core business is to provide a comprehensive and integrated solar energy solution, from the sales to the installation and to the ongoing maintenance. Performed by our in-house team, we are taking strict control over our products and services quality. Our master installers are both knowledgeable, skilful, and qualified to handle installations of any size. As getting started with solar energy might be confusing, we dedicate quick, friendly, and professional customer care who you can rely on during the process.

Every household and business is different. Therefore, we offer only a tailor-made energy solution that suits each customer the best. Our team will take time discussing with you, going through your bill, inspecting your property, and designing your time. In the end, we ensure that your system is the right size so that you can enjoy its benefit optimally.

Every year, we are expanding our service reach so solar energy can be more and more accessible across Australia. Don't hesitate to reach out on (03) 9333 0433 and ask about our availability for your location.

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