Affordable Genuine Sleep Dentistry

Siana Dental was founded by Dr Max Patel. The Practice had already been open in Hampton for 14 years prior and was formerly known as Hampton Village Dental Care.

Dr Max purchased the Practice in April 2011 and decided to rebrand the Practice as Siana Dental. The name is a fusion of the names of his two daughters. Dr Max wanted to establish a leading practice in Melbourne.

His Practice philosophy and theme is one of treating everyone as if they were his own. He and his team are often involved in complex treatment plans for patients, but they always find reverting back to this core philosophy, helps to provide a clear solution for their patients.

Servicing Hampton and surrounding suburbs like Bayside, Brighton, Port Philip, Sandringham and Highett.

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  • Digital Movement
    2 months ago
    Sensational team to work with, highly recommend these guys!! (Martey Quaye)
  • Helen Horvath
    6 months ago
    From the moment you walk into Siana Dental all your fears and anxieties are put to rest. Dr Max and his wonderful team are very understanding and talk you through every step. All my dental care requirements were met and what I found very helpful was that I also had options to choose from. Sleep Dentistry was the best option for me and this was a very smooth and relaxing procedure. I would definitely recommend Siana Dental to all my family and friends.
  • Jason Hulbert
    8 months ago
    Being terrified of the dentist I did my research. While both dentists I got a quote from were lovely and could both cater for me with sleep dentistry, I found that Siana were such better value due to not having to bring in an external person for the sleep part. More importantly, ALL-of the staff were responsive, extremely helpful, old fashioned service and thorough. They worked through pricing and payment options with me and made me feel very important. Then the treatment day. I had 6 fillings and a tooth extracted all in one morning. (2hrs) I woke up not remembering a single thing. I’m a convert - love Max’s work and will be back for check ups now every 6 months to avoid any big jobs. Max is honest, down to earth and is a great dentist. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone who wants to experience painless and affordable sleep dentistry Thanks to the team at Siana! JH
  • Barry Flynn
    a year ago
    Brilliant dentist, great service and great well trained staff
  • Vond Barta
    a year ago
    Max is a genuinely caring man. It makes the experience so much more comfortable to be able to have work done by someone who actually does care. Thank you so much.

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