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  • Miss Miss
    in the last week
    Provided a brief Coronavirus Safety at Work online course - It was free and less than 15 minutes. Very professional short online guide that involved regular Questions and was very calm to complete. Extremely easy to follow & professionally designed & constructed. It also showed how to deal with possible current issues in the workplace in a respectful way. I also received a confirmation email as proof that I completed the online training. Well done Sentrient, thumbs up!
  • Michael Aussie
    a month ago
    The course was Free for the Public which is an added value. The course has all basic but important information for readers to stop or reduce the infection of Covid-19. Hoping this would end very soon. God bless Australia and the whole world II. Thank you.
  • Danielle Benson
    a month ago
    Great to be able to do this course - quick, clear and informative. Would be great to have a course 'certificate' that we could use in our business - either to add on Website, or to give to potential client so they can physically see that you have done this.
  • Tan Gui Wen
    a month ago
    Good course with quality and easy to understand content! Thank you!
  • Rae Coliao
    2 months ago
    Thank you for this short course, it's helps me a lot as a Safety Officer in our store.

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