Sell Your Prestige Car

Sell Your Prestige Car is the company offering you a hassle-free process for turning your premium car into cash. When you are looking to sell your car fast in Melbourne, we are the right choice for you.

Established in 1994, we have become experts in buying prestige cars. Our experienced team developed a process with minimum fuss on your side. We will be with you in every step guiding you to sell prestige car in Melbourne.

In general, people have some common questions when planning to sell cars such as- How can I sell my luxury car? What are the ways to sell my car fast in Melbourne? Is there any reliable company which can buy my prestige car in Melbourne? Best way to sell car to dealer? and more. But you need not worry anymore when Sell Your Prestige Car is there. We have the best team and procedures to make the selling process quick and easy.

Fill the online form: When you want to sell your car fast, go to our website and submit your car's details. It hardly takes two minutes for you to fill the form.

You will receive an offer: One of our experts will reach you and if needed, ask you some more questions. Then an offer is presented before you.

Agree with the offer: When you agree with the cash deal, we will tell you the convenient time and arrange the payment and towing.

Get quick money for your car: We try our best so that you can get cash returns quick and hassle-free.

We take pride in recruiting professionals who are well-knowledgeable about prestige cars. This allows us to give you the correct and honest price values. Depending on your car quality, we also buy your prestige car in Melbourne without any hassle. Other reasons include:

The fast and hassle-free buying process

Giving quick and honest offers

Fair returns for the prestige and luxury cars

Also, we are the noted luxury and prestige car buyer in Melbourne letting you sell your car fast and with confidence. For more details, contact us directly or visit our website today.

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  • craig smith
    6 months ago
    I have bought and sold that many cars over the years that i know the process well! however, with my Merc G63 i was finding issues with people trying to get funds.... after 5 weeks trying myself, i spoke with Nick at Sell your prestige car, he came out to me, valued the car, after a quick check over the money was in my bank before the next morning! totally happy and made everything super easy! cheers
  • scott hide
    7 months ago
    Moving Overseas in 3 weeks and needed to get rid of my nearly new BMW X5 40d, been to a few places and felt like they were not being fair, a friend suggested these guys and i have to say, VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER! gave me 6k more than anyone else offered for my car and i got the money in the bank over night! no hassle and a great easy way to get shot of my car in a rush!
  • andrew scott
    8 months ago
    Great bunch of guys, made it super easy to sell my 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee, gave me what I thought was a great price, better than anywhere else I tried, took care of all the hassle for me and I was fully paid by the end of the next day. Highly recommend if you need to offload a prestige car!
  • Andrew Wolf
    10 months ago
    I had a great job offer offshore therefore I had to sell my car quick, so I looked online and found these guys... they were fast to respond and came back to me with an offer subject to viewing the vehicle.... I took my BMW in to port Melbourne the same afternoon for Nick to inspect the vehicle as agreed.. they paid me $2000 more than any other at dealership and I had money in my account same day... very happy with the entire process BON VOYAGE !!!!!!
  • dan barry
    a year ago
    Sold my 2016 Porsche Cayenne via this business. I agree with the other reviewers that they gave me a better deal than the dealerships and the process from end-to-end was quick (2days). I have referred a friend to them who is selling her Audi, so overall quite comfortable with the experience.

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