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  • Justin Hutchinson
    a week ago
    removalist came, dont speak english, damgaed many items, tried, slow workers. I contacting them and they put me on hold and constantly hanged up on me, department of fair trading have them listed as problematic company. i would highly advise that everybody stay away from these people. all they want is $$ but wont resolve any problems or in my case attempt to resolve it.
  • Richard Gilzean
    a week ago
    1. The removalists were booked for 8am. They arrived at 9:30am. 2. Two scrawny Indian boys arrived for the job arrived in a two tonne Budget truck rental. No 3-wheel trolley to manage the stairs at the new place. 3. If I had not thought ahead and managed to transport all the smaller boxes beforehand in a ute, there is no way they / we would have managed one truck load. 4. I ended up being the third removalist. I am 57 years old and did not need this BS or the subsequent sore back. 5. The only time I did not have to give them to hurry up was when they came to me at the end asking for final payment. Even then the guy did not deduct the $50 deposit I paid from the balance. After 4 weeks and several emails and calls to their office I finally got the money back. 6. The above issues / complaints were spelled out in the company's follow-up email. You know, the oh-so chummy one with ranking out of 5 stars and space for feedback. Gave them one star and asked for someone in management / customer service rep to call me back. ... Still waiting. I remember the guy who took my booking in the beginning was very persistent with wanting to know if I would like to use there cleaning service as well. Luckily did not oblige with the up-selling. 7. Sorry I did not check out the 'real' reviews on Google beforehand. Don't bother responding with BS apologies and directing me towards your complaints section. If my review saves at least one person from dealing with your company then justice will be served. yours sincerely,
  • Kirstie Chlopicki
    2 months ago
    I've used this business to move house twice now and both times I was impressed. They make everything look easy, and work quickly and seamlessly, which is exactly what you need when you're moving. If you have a difficult job involving a balcony, mezzanine or stairs, I'd highly recommend Men in Black for the job.
  • Rachel Allen
    7 months ago
    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! I'm actually shook from this horrible experience. It took 3 men 15 hours to move 2 bedroom's worth of stuff. The places were 20 minutes away from eachother. I myself carried at least ten boxes of heavy stuff, my DJ decks/turntables, my speakers and TV's because they were so slow and inexperienced. My housemate also came and helped moved a bunch of stuff too! There is still stuff left at my old place today that I have to go and pick up myself. They have broken my microwave, shelves and wardrobe as well - their excuse was "It's too heavy". DON'T BE A REMOVALIST IF ITS TOO HEAVY!! They also left my blankets & pillows at the old place so I had nothing to sleep with last night - they said "it wouldn't fit in the truck". After this whole ordeal I was then called by my old neighbour at 12:07am to say the front door at my old place had BEEN LEFT WIDE OPEN!! with a lot of valuables still inside! They already took $1100 from me for 5 hours of moving and when I told them I wasn't going to pay another cent for this experience they argued with me, called their supervisor who then proceeded to abuse me on the phone and call me names. Please do not go with this company! Removalists are meant to make the stress of moving a little easier and this was the complete opposite. I will be going to fair trading about these guys.
  • Abhishek Gaur
    8 months ago
    Please beware for this movers They are Very Very Highly unprofessional with no experience of moving goods, Their price is very high I thought they are professional and they will provide us good service as they promised but in reality is totally different, they have hired bunch of college student from India and they don't have any experience in moving goods and they barely concern about damage and loss of your goods, didn’t have the correct equipment to carry out the moving and extremely slow to clock on more hours so they can charge!!!. The movers have damaged my goods, my Fridge, TV unit, coffee table and tall boy, mattresses. They have promised us that they will provide us mattress covers and insurance for damage. As per communication but when later I have asked for my damage cover they did not give any details about the insurance and later I have raise this issue with fair trading, but they also not able to resolve my issue because whenever fair trading guys try to talk to mymoover company they have not answer their calls and email. so please i have genuine request from reader please don't go with this company for your valuable goods otherwise at the end you will loose your money and valuable goods.