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Unwanted old and junk cars or those – need more money on maintenance and repairing more frequently, are just a matter of increasing your irritation level. If they are not roadworthy, they will just cover more space in yard or garage and will increase your worries a bit more. However, it is not a matter of worrying so much about them as you can make some good cash for cars in Melbourne – up to $9,999 and sometimes more that depend on the car condition and its make and model.

is offered for all types of cars by some renowned , who reach to your destination for evaluation and offering cash on spot with less documentation. They follow a criterion to car removal services.

If you are looking for cash for cars in Melbourne, you will have some better options to fulfill your requirement by going online – the convenient way to help you in searching for the top car removal and wrecking service providers.

Among some of the top car removalists and wreckers, you will find name of Rapid Car Removal comes on the top. The leading company has become a one stop name for offering you such precise services and solutions. You have to fill in online query form or send a mail and leave rest of the work on experts working here.

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  • Georg Dail
    a week ago
    Wanted to sell two cars and from reviews had a mixed opinion about this business so I tried to call them and asked for their process. Staff over the phone asked for car details and the quoted me a price and explained their process and I decided to give a try. I had a great experience. Driver was on time and gave me all the paper works. They paid me exactly what was agreed over the phone. I think details of the car is correctly given, they will not reduce even a single dollar on the agreed price. Professional people with good atitude. Happy for opting this business for removing my car.
  • Dylan Sommerville
    a month ago
    Had a stellar experience with these guys. I buy and sell cars quite a bit and these guys are one of the best car wreckers I've dealt with. Fast, efficient and they were very reliable. Definitely give them a try if you're looking for a trustworthy car wrecker or car removal mob.
  • Paul Johnson
    2 months ago
    These guys work quickly and will pick up your car so very happy in that regard. As others have said be VERY specific on the car you have to sell and its condition when obtaining a quote. Put it in writing, don't call! The driver who collected my car pulled the same rubbish as they have to others saying that the car is not what they expected and they could take it for free. I had a written quote of $200 on the basis that the car suited scrap only and so all details were already known by the driver. Driver then "called his boss" and offered $100 as the "price of scrap metal is low". Then the car was a manual and not automatic so it was worth less, cool story, the car is not going to be used for parts, it's scrap. Another call to boss and now it's $150. Disagreeing with the price and original $200 quote I decline. Another call to the boss and it's now $200 only if they bank transfer. No problem I say, done deal. Sign the paperwork and what do you know, $200 cash is presented. Moral of the story is these guys are bluffing everyone they can. Get your quote, stand firm, if they don't want to pay, don't worry, someone else will! Good luck to you all and Rapid Car Removal, stop your dodgy practice please and be honest.
  • Chris Marshel
    11 months ago
    Sold my damaged car to Rapid Car Removals. Called few other nearby wreckers but this company gave me the best price. I am so happy for choosing your company to sell my car for cash.
  • Sini Susan
    a year ago
    Best place to sell your used car for cash and to find used parts in Melbourne.

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