Queensland Shower Restoration

Queensland Shower Restoration is a Brisbane based shower repair company, specialising in shower sealing and renovation.

We started out as maintenance technicians but decided to focus on one area of the house. By focusing on showers, we have been able to hone our skills and become leaders in our industry.

We have come leaps and bounds since we started, completing multiple bathroom renovations and assisting Queenslanders with issues of all sizes, such as shower repair, tile regrouting and more.

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  • SashaSlays .
    in the last week
    The shower in my extension hadn't been sealed properly when originally installed. Water was not only leaking inside, but running outside too. It was a mess that could have compromised the integrity of my home. Alex completely ripped up the floor and wall, completely sealed and retiled everything, even managed to save the wall tiles and replace them for me. For the first time in months I stepped out of the shower onto a completely dry floor. Brilliant job. From first booking to end result took less than a week and I'm stoked. The whole process was explained to me so I knew exactly what I was paying for, which is rare these days and much appreciated. Thank you so much.
  • Janice Tessa
    a week ago
    QSR attended and re-grouting our shower as it was leaking and completed the required works to a quality level. Alex done a fantastic job and cleaned up nicely afterwards as well. We've been using the shower again since it was re-grouted and there is no further leaks. The cost of the re-grouting was extremely competitive with the result of a high quality workmanship. I have no hesitation in recommending QSR to other potential customers. Thanks
  • Kevin Hamish
    a week ago
    Alex was amazing, helped me so quickly and listened to my concerns and worked with my budget and what i needed
  • Daniel Holmes
    2 months ago
    Our shower has been causing us problems for sometime. We have had a few suppliers review our situation and advise a full demo and redo of our bathroom was required. We decided to call Qld Shower Restoration to review and Alex came onsite. He was able to offer us a different solution that was much more cost effective. Know we have basically a new shower at the fraction of the cost quoted by others. I am extremely happy with the finished product. Alex did an amazing job for us and was very professional.
  • M T
    3 months ago
    Highly recommended. Responsive to enquiries and very helpful. Work was great and total value was much better than other companies.

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