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Emergency & Accident Towing Company you can trust and depend on. We've always offered full insurance tilt tray towing services for different kind of vehicles, servicing all of Perth's local & regional areas. Perth CT Towing Services can provide a professional, reliable, and accident towing service for 24 hours within Perth and the surrounding suburbs in Western Australia. We pride ourselves being No 1 in performance towing & check our reviews online regarding our towing service. Find out more information to further assist your request, Visit our website or Call now to book your towing!

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  • United Fuel
    in the last week
    Perth CT Towing provide an excellent, professional and prompt service. They go out of their way each and every time to ensure the job gets done. Thanks guys.
  • Alan Tank
    a week ago
    Fast and professional. Have used CT towing services multiple times and in every instance was on time and reliable. Highly recommended to anyone who needs a tow service!!!
  • Jaydan Griffiths
    2 weeks ago
    Could not recommend these guys more. They eent above and beyond helping me remove the car from the yard and were professional, courteous and efficient. Excellent pricing and great service.
  • Jay Pratt
    3 weeks ago
    Reliable and professional service. Arrived dead on time to transport my bobcat to the yard for sale, After being let down by another company, Perth CT towing saved the day. I’ve now saved there number and will definitely use again. Cheers mate
  • GTruck0
    a month ago
    Wonderful towing service. I arranged to have my car picked up from my house to the workshop. They came on time, were very professional and performed the tow hassle free. My car is lowered/modified and they went above and beyond to ensure my car was well taken care of. 10/10 would recommend

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