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Oriental Car Removal is a WA based top-quality car wrecking company. We buy old/unwanted car from you and offers you good dollars for that. We have professionals having long-term experience in the industry. We are different from others as we dispose-off the metal in an eco-friendly manner.

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  • John Livere Torkildsen
    in the last week
    Decent guys, very efficient.
  • Corina Loveridge
    2 months ago
    Buyers Beware - These guys Do Not honour their Warranties! Do Not advise you of the T&C's! And you are basically called liars when you try to make a warranty claim as to avoid them losing money!! Biggest waste of time and money I've ever experienced from a business.... Again Buyers Beware !!!!!
  • Anthony P. Franco
    3 months ago
    I was so confused about how to deal with my SUV that was badly damaged in an accident last month. I was unsure whether I will get anything in return while selling it as some of its parts were in worse condition. Their friendly and courteous team towed it without any hassle involved from my side. Also, when my wallet was filled with cash, I was more than happy. Their goal is to serve car owners like me who are frustrated with their wrecked, damaged, worn-out, and written-off vehicles. Great Job Done!
  • Jo Benfield
    4 months ago
    Excellent customer service .. thank you Asif. So helpful and so easy. 2 cars removed as agreed. Would definitely rate this company well above the norm. Thank you.
  • Hilda M. Saul
    5 months ago
    The most experienced and competent car wreckers I have ever dealt with. I was extremely impressed when they provided me on-the-spot and same day cash. Their car removal services were quick, efficient, and reliable. For selling my wrecked car, I contacted so many wreckers but here I got the highest cash. With their services, I got an opportunity to sell my vehicle that was of no use to me at a price that I expected.

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