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Novus Auto Glass helps Queensland drivers keep their windscreen intact and in proper condition. Novus can go to their customers to repair or replace damaged windscreens and provide a lifetime guarantee for their glass. also provides a range of products to help maintain glass in optimal condition. To hear about more of Novus service, please call 13 22 34.

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  • Hin Bris
    2 months ago
    Wow! Thank you Novus Auto Glass for your prompt & professional service. My car windscreen was annihilated in a recent hailstorm. Uninsured and thinking it was going to cost a fortune, I put the feelers out for a few quotes. I was completely surprised when Poppy made contact on a Sunday morning with a price, and the windscreen was repaired four days after the storm. In comparison, a larger, more well known company to me quoted almost double what I paid and were unable to repair until the end of the month. NOVUS are now on my list of go to contractors.
  • Jack McNamee
    2 years ago
  • Hanz Uchiha
    3 years ago

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