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Northside Window Tinting has been serving the communities of Melbourne with high quality window tinting services for automotive, residential and commercial applications. Our team of experts specializes in installing window films and has in-depth knowledge on the latest ceramic coatings paint protection technologies, promising quality service every time. Tinting your car windows can be a great gift, especially if you want your ride to look the best.  is fairly simple and is one of the cheapest options available to spruce up your vehicle’s look. With a variety of colors and shades, your local window tint technician can create virtually any look you want. To find out how much it will cost for car window tinting in Melbourne, give us a call at  . We gather some information about your car and what type of tint you require, then we can give accurate car window tinting price estimate.

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  • Mr Gino Gambino
    4 weeks ago
    I actually signed up just to do this google review Took my car in today to see what was a available on my Range Rover. Didn’t catch the guys name, but the bloke who helped me out couldn’t of been more professional and honest He really could of ripped me off blind if he wanted as I had absolutely no idea what I was even looking at, but he told me my car tint was already as dark as it can be and that trying to re tint wouldn’t be worth it I was honestly blown away with how nice and honest the salesman was Highly recommend, because this guy is one of the last true decent small business owners out there
  • Michael Grech
    a month ago
    Excellent, all done buy phone and texts even thru the weekend, he arrived 10mins early, job came out exactly as we wished for, great job, great price, excellent people and would totally recommend Northside Window Tinting
  • J Makohon
    4 months ago
    These guys came highly recommended and I understand why! Very professional, highly experienced and extremely helpful when looking for straight-up quality advice. To add, the workmanship is fantastic. I will definitely return in future.
    8 months ago
    Thank you Kevin for a fantastic job on my car window tinting. Such a great job. Very happy!! Highly recommend Northside Tinting to all. Cheers Tina F
  • Sophy Kosmidis
    a year ago
    All I can say is WOW. Love my new tint. THANK YOU Northside Window Tinting. You will be highly recommended. I called local businesses in the area for tint and YOU were the only one that clearly explained, compared and showed me the difference in performance of films. I went with the Ceramic Premium Range and WOW I'm glad I did 😎 especially in these hot Summer days this week 🌞✔💯

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