We Have a Team Whose Primary Concern is Your Welfare and Health

We are a QIP Accredited practice - we are proud to be one of the select few in Australia who have successfully completed the accreditation process, and are one of only a handful in the entire North and Western areas of Melbourne.

We have been independently assessed by an external organisation (QIP), for our compliance with National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards to drive the implementation of safety and quality systems and improve the quality of health care in our practice.

It is independent confirmation of demonstrated concern and accountability in respect of health and safety, legislative governance, and our constant striving for improvement in patient care and systems.

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  • Kara Nikkel
    2 months ago
    Andrew was recommended to me by my oral surgeon and that recommendation DID NOT disappoint. I saw him with concerns about the treatment suggested by my previous dentist. He has a great sense of humour which put me at ease straight away and was willing to explore other options to helping me with the treatment I needed. He will definitely be my new dentist from now. I highly recommend his clinic! :)
  • Christopher Ross
    5 months ago
    Dr Navakas has provided me with 13 years of dental care. His emphasis on brushing, flossing, moussing and 6 monthly hygenist appointments has meant that at the age of 65 I still have my original teeth and they are in very good condition. My most recent dental appointment in January 2020 was to repair a broken front tooth. When Dr Navakas gave me the anesthetic there was no pain. When Dr Navakas repaired the broken tooth there was no pain. When Dr Navakas gave me a mirror to look at the repaired tooth there was joy. Dr Navakas is an artist, the repaired tooth was a perfect match with my other teeth. My healthy white teeth are also attributable to Nam, the hygenist at Navakas Dental Care. My six monthly appointments with Nam has been the ideal preventative care as I have not had toothache or tooth decay in years. The professionalism, care and friendship by the Navakas team is of the highest order. And when I leave Dr Navakas' dental rooms, I leave with a smile and I feel good. Apart from the dental care, I find the dental rooms easily accessible by public transport. The dental rooms are next to the Kensigton railway station and the 402 bus stop.
  • patricia long
    a year ago
    Professional care, friendly staff. Feeling confident my teeth are in good hands.
  • Jackson Harnwell
    a year ago
    Clean rooms with good equipment. Staff are friendly and clearly very knowledgeable and experienced. I didn't feel rushed at all, and the staff genuinely seemed interested in getting to know me and my dental desires (ie what I dislike about my teeth). Best dentist (Andrew) and hygienist (Nav) I've ever had the privilege of being treated by.
  • David Simpson
    a year ago
    Great dentists. One of the dentists pointed out a possible ENT problem in my son. On the suggestion we saw a specialist who found something that needed surgical removal. Also, they clean and monitor the whole familys teeth! Highly recommend.

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