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Located in Oakleigh, Victoria, Merc4wd are the leading Mercedes wreckers in Melbourne. With more than 25 years of experience, we specialise in wrecking and dismantling all the models of the Mercedes 4WDs and SUVs. We buy all the models of the Mercedes 4WD models from 1998 to the present.

We pride ourselves in providing a wide range of merc parts including Mercedes Benz parts in Melbourne at the highly competitive pricing. Most of the Mercedes Benz spare parts are delivered Australia wide on the next business day.

Why Choose Us?

%u2022 Highly qualified and renowned merc wreckers

%u2022 More than 100 years of combined experience

%u2022 High-quality Mercedes parts in Australia

%u2022 Fast turnaround time

%u2022 Competitive pricing

%u2022 We provide Australia wide shipping

We aim to provide our clients with the OEM merc parts in excellent working condition for a very competitive price. Additionally, we also offer an optional 12 months warranty on all our Mercedes spare parts.

Locations We Serve: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Queensland & Perth

To inquire about any Mercedes parts in Melbourne or for any query, feel free to get in touch with us at our registered number. We'll provide the no-obligation price quote!

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  • Sukhjeet Singh
    2 months ago
    Such a nice place this is , highly recommend , had a great experience with these guys
  • Nick J
    5 months ago
    The owner, Harry is a nice guy & honest & I've dealt with this business before. Yesterday I called up about a part I needed & was told they had it in stock & it was the last one. I get there this morning & he says, "I have something to tell you." He said, "This part doesn't work. I have a box full of them & none of them work." It was an auxiliary water pump for a Mercedes Benz ML. Unless there's a new market for useless ceased up car parts that I don't know about the idea of trying to sell someone something like this is disgraceful. The part I need is to make sure the car drives properly, it's not cosmetic. For the guy to then try to tell me that I didn't understand is a total insult. When dealing with any mechanic they must be straight up with you but just as importantly they need to be knowledgeable.
  • Sir Slackcat
    7 months ago
    A bit hard on prices but okay l spose
  • Melissa Munday
    9 months ago
    I had such great service at Merc 4WD . They had all the parts I needed and were so helpful with advice .I would recommend this company for anyone with a Mercedes!
  • Chris Awad
    a year ago
    Good range of parts and very knowledgeable guide me and had brndnew air pump in stock !

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