Remedial Massage, Dietitian, Naturopathy, Acupuncture Melbourne

Established in 1995, Malvern Natural Health Care is a renowned well-being Healthcare center in Melbourne. Incorporating the best practitioners in the industry, we can treat a comprehensive range of health issues and complaints.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve an excellent level of health, happiness and well-being. We can provide specific and comprehensive assessments and treatments for complete health care. Our practitioners specialise in restoring function and treatment in:

- Digestive disorders

- Fatigue and Immune disorders

- Chronic, Stress-related and Long-term conditions

- Toxicity and its many effects

- Women, Men's and Children's health

- Metabolism and Weight correction

Our Services:

- Remedial Massage

- Naturopathy

- Kinesiology

- Bowen Therapy

- Natural Therapy

- Nutrition

- Mineral Therapy

- Dietitian

- Leaky Gut Syndrome

- Weight Loss

- Detox

Also, we have a wide range of tests available at Malvern Natural Health Care including Iridology, live blood analysis, body composition, analysis and OligoScan. We also offer a variety of gift vouchers that cater to specific or general services and purchases.

To schedule an appointment or to inquire more about our service, feel free to get in touch with us at our registered contact number.

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  • Jessica Miller
    2 months ago
    Ben's knowledge and expertise is second to none, but the best bit is that he is kind, honest and transparent. I had a Remedial Massage yesterday (which was amazing) but we spoke a lot about detox (after I had read about it on the website) and the amazing instant testing he does on site to back up his recommendations for a healthy mind, body and spirit - I can't wait to get this done! Super excited!
  • Amanda JF
    7 months ago
    Fantastic and very professional Naturopathic services! I highly recommend Benjamin Deutscher who is the Naturopath here :-)
  • Ajay Basnet
    8 months ago
    went to get a meal plan ended up getting nothing very upset paid for nothing i said them i need a keto meal plan can u please make one for me calculating mY BMI but no they calculated my BMI and gave their own meal plan paid 15$ for calculating my BMI hoowever on top i paid 130$ for appoinment daylight robbery
  • Prestige Surfaces
    a year ago
    I have been seeing Ben for about 5 years on and off as a means to retain a the healthiest lifestyle possible. I started a Biologic (immunotherapy) medication earlier in the year and wanted to ensure that my immune system wasn’t compromised. I have never been healthier than what I am right now and I am rarely ever sick despite my autoimmune condition and treatment. The guidance Ben provides goes above and beyond supplements, he also focuses on diet and physical activity which are vital. Can not recommend Ben and the Malvern Natural Health team enough.
  • elisa beth
    a year ago
    Tracy Hickling is intelligent, compassionate and an all-round excellent person and Chinese medicine practitioner. I am grateful that she was recommended to me. My health has definitely improved a great deal - so much so that my GP told me to keep seeing her :)

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