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We are a action driven and result oriented SEO Company. Our dedicated and passionate SEO Team excels in providing fully integrated Advertising solutions that can make your business growth upwards. We are one of the top SEO Company in Australia due to our sharp SEO strategy and proven results.

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When targeting keywords to describe your business, novices will tend to list every word known to man that remotely describes your industry. For example, a hairdressing salon may include keywords such as hairdresser, hairdressing, cuts, colour, events; where if they include their location and the specialist market they may capture a more relevant audience, for example wedding hairstyling Melbourne CBD. Want to increase your business sales? Join hands with our SEO Company, we implementing our conversion-centric & professional SEO strategy and with right keyword optimization take your business to great heights.

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  • Sophie Williams
    3 weeks ago
    Live SEO Service has a very flexible working schedule with me, and it was nice to have someone answering my question within a day! I am 60 years old; I had no idea how to create a website, but I knew that I want to start a website. Website development? I don’t even know how to use a keyboard properly So, there I am…I work with this SEO company. Live SEO Service promised that they are going to develop my website The promise comes true, I am very impressed by EVERYTHING they did to me, not only the quality of the works they delivered, as well as the level of customer service they are providing to me. I had no idea how they are going to develop my website, but they are taking their time and explaining what they are going to do for me. Patience, hard work and passion
  • Henry Lucas
    3 weeks ago
    They have a board of professional seo specialist, Live SEO Service knows what they are doing, totally impressed by their service! I have worked with multiple SEO companies, but NONE OF THEM work as effectively as Live SEO Service. Seriously, the ROI (Return on Investment, just in case you don’t know what that is), is insane. I don’t even have to follow up with them every single day to know how they are doing; these SEO specialists will do ALL the works they need to do… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. If you work with these SEO specialists, you can get away with bad customer service experience, and you will experience a growth in your digital business!
  • Murugavel G
    3 weeks ago
    Letting Live SEO Service becomes my digital partner is one of the best decisions I have made to grow my business! Its SEO services…I can’t say anything much Why? Because it is so GREAT and FLAWLESS, and it has brought my business to the next level. The amount of effort and time they spent exceed my expectation 1 Live SEO Service tried their best to understand my business and my goals 2. After that, they determined the issues within my digital business 3. Their SEO services solve my issue…a permanent solution 100% recommended!!! If you are new to the digital marketing field, Live SEO Service is a must-try, they will not disappoint you!
  • Rachel Silverton
    10 months ago
    I was pleasantly surprised by Live SEO Service abilities when it came to promoting and ranking a website on Google. Live SEO Service Team communicates the process involved in a clear and concise way to keep us informed. I do recommend Live SEO Service those who looking for seo services in melbourne
  • Jennah Portillo
    10 months ago
    You're doing awesome seo services ... our sales have increased in high rate compare to previous period. We definitely appreciate it. Thank you for Live SEO Service Team

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