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  • Leticia John
    2 weeks ago
    I have had a fear of driving for the longest time, and my previous instructor made me feel all the more uncertain about driving by being very harsh and critical. But Raj has done nothing short of a miracle. Always very patient, very appreciative, he built my confidence from the ground up. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done to make sure I learn the right thing to do on the road. He is extremely supportive and really humble and will make you feel like you are a part of his extended family. At the same time he does more than any other instructor by giving you demos, explaining the booklet to you, giving you fail proof inside tips to park, reverse, etc. I think anyone would be beyond lucky to have such a brilliant foundation to begin with.
  • Ian Trinder
    3 months ago
    Raj was exceptional at taking an anxious learner and turning him into a high 90 marked Red P Plate driver. Thank you Raj, excellent
  • Alfred Gao
    3 months ago
    Raj is amazing instructor. My wife Lydia is newbie and super nervous on the road. After a couple of lessons with Raj, she passed the test on the first go. Thank you Raj for making my life much easier.
  • Ruth Elmslie
    4 months ago
    Raj is a fantastic instructor. He helped my daughter Georgie with both polishing final skills but also having the confidence to do her test. Raj has a gift of instilling confidence and making kids feel at ease - thank you Raj.
  • sangyae lama
    5 months ago
    I had a great experience with Licence plus. I was lucky to have Raj as my instructor. Well, I can't thank enough for his effort that he has put me to achieve my licence. He's experience in driving has given me a good exposure and to be a safe driver for life. He's very passionate and has a great deal of patience in him which has lead to my success. He's helped from day 1 till the end and never gave up on me. I would like to thank him for believing me and building my confidence. Moreover, he's a like friend and mentor to me who always had my back with right guidance. I would highly recommend Licence plus who is looking forward to get their licence and trust me you'll never have a second thought about it. Cheers!!