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Latitude 33 Property & Education is run on the ethos of providing "Holistic" service. Business is entirely focused on creating value for clients, partnering like-minded service providers with the aim of value creation and cost optimisation & minimisation for clients. Our partners in mortgage, insurance, financial advice, legal, accounting and other related financial services DO NOT pay us any referral fees, instead focuses on reducing cost of the service provided to the clients.

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  • Amit Jain
    4 months ago
    I have closely worked with Das and have seen, how wholeheartedly he takes care of his clients and their dreams of buying a property. Das is a trustworthy resource in the property industry as he invests a lot of time in understanding the mindset of the buyer and guiding them through the minefield of making one of the most important decision of their lives.
  • Des Meyer
    8 months ago
    Das turns the entire investment proposition on its head, took us through understanding our needs, building a strategy and validating it and then finally choosing the property that best suits our plan. In 2 short years we have 15% capital gain and a strong 5.8% rental yield. Thank you very much for your time and effort to help us succeed.

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