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Kassis Karate Academy offers a perfect combination of high quality knowledge and experience, coupled with friendly teachers, to fulfil the requirements of its valued members. Our karate school in Melbourne aims to bring value to people's lives, which in turn brings value to their family environment, their work and the people around them. This is a valuable thing for society. Our program is designed to develop not only the body and mind but also one's character, through fun yet practical sessions and fundamental teaching methods. Our school brings you the benefit of 30 years of traditional, authentic karate at its core, with a modern and fun method of delivering the syllabus to our students. We are experts in teaching people authentic, quality karate. If you are a traditionalist, a sports enthusiast, or simply a parent wanting your child to attain fundamental life skills, we can help you.

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  • Susana Scalia
    a week ago
    Great place to learn karate. Teachers are fantastic & make it very enjoyable for the kids while also imparting good discipline & skills. Highly recommended!! 5 stars
  • Christo Viljoen
    a week ago
    The instructors at Kassis really love what they do. As a result the training is of an really high standard. Combine this with the fact that they really care for the kids, and you have the best Karate club in Melbourne. Our kids really love Kassis Karate Academy.
  • Edelweiss Perez
    2 weeks ago
    Kassis Karate Academy strives through all challenges. Remote Learning (Karate), was a big challenge for Sensei Rose and Sensei Con. I thank them both for accepting the challenge and finding a new way in!
  • Olivia Finocchiaro
    2 weeks ago
    Family friendly with amazing professional staff. Great for beginners and advanced students. Highly recommended!
  • Zaid Ahmed
    4 months ago
    The best karate academy.. Great teachers and its the best place to teach your kids respect and good manners

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