Manufacturer of Pier Caps, Porch Columns, Architectural & Concret

JCV Pty Ltd is the manufacturer of pier caps, architectural columns, Composites Columns, porch columns and concrete columns in Sydney. JCV Pty Ltd is located at 2 Longport Street, Lewisham, NSW 2049. It began operations about 30 years ago. With a single product and mould, the company flourished due to its strong reputation for high-quality products and craftsmanship. A constant demand for its products has been guaranteed because of the repeat business from a lot of its contented and happy customers. Over the years, both in our regular production designs and in the area of our custom designs, we have significantly spread out our product range.

1. Columns & Composites

2. Square Columns

3. Pyramid Caps & Pier Caps


5. Gate & Fence Posts

6. Bungalow & Octagonal Columns

7. Sandstone Letterboxes

8. Wall Caps

9. Blocks & Quoins

10.Window Sills


We have a huge choice in the flat series for pyramid caps and pier caps. If you are looking for landscape products in Sydney then visit or if you want to enquire more about our other products, please feel free to contact us on (02) 9569 8629.

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