J. H. Cutler Bespoke tailor and shirt maker. and making a unique design are not so easy job. As fashion industry grow and change day by day there is big challenges for tailors. J. H. Cutler providing his service in Australia and worldwide from 1884.

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  • Arthur
    6 months ago
    Top notch bespoke tailored suits in the Sydney CBD! Sam and John are both professionals when it comes to getting you tailored. Couldn't recommend them enough. They go above and beyond with expectations.
  • Thomas Lakeland
    a year ago
    Dropped by the other day to enquire about a difficult job and was incredibly impressed with the customer service. Both Sam and Mr Cutler were very helpful and generous in their time and knowledge, and clearly run a highest quality service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and I look forward to returning in the future!
  • Daniel Pritchard
    a year ago
    Canvas by J.H. Cutler brings a contemporary and modern approach to tailoring, with a truly bespoke and crafted approach. I have consistently had great experiences commissioning suits, coats, shirts and trousers from Sam. Sam offers a full and true bespoke process, including basted fittings, hand padded lapels and hand finished button holes etc. In Sydney there are more than a few tailors passing themselves off as bespoke tailors, but the quality is often questionable (often employing fusing and other shortcuts to cut down on time and to maximise profits). Sam is one of a handful of tailors in Sydney that follow in the tradition of Savile Row and the great Italian tailors. Sam shares his a premise with John Cutler, undoubtably one of Australia’s greatest tailors and in my opinion one of Australia’s living legends. On more than a couple of occasions I’ve had the pleasure of talking with John and listening to his many anecdotes.
  • Peter Reedman
    2 years ago
    J H Cutler is without peer. The ranking above First is J. H. Cutler class.
  • Roger Goff
    7 years ago
    For superb craftsmanship, comfort and fit you can't beat a bespoke suit made by J. H. Cutler who have been making bespoke clothing in Sydney's CBD since 1884.