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Searching for best ? Isher Eggless Bakers are the ultimate choice. We design and deliver cakes that are irresistibly delicious with tastes and flavours that you will love. For a wonderfully crunchy experience, we offer hot bakes biscuits with different flavours, delicious egg less cakes, vegan cakes, , birthday cakes, and more. In case if you are trying to experiment with your birthday cake choices, you can simply walk into our cake shop and talk to our bakers. We will customise based on your requirements. Our bakers can give you melt in the mouth creamy cakes, which are too good to be true. Apart from and anniversary cakes, we can also offer fruity cakes, fondant cakes, edible image cakes, teatime cakes, and baby shower cakes. For us cakes are not just food, its happiness and our bakers are passionate about trying out new flavours to give you a one-of-a-kind experience. If you are searching for a cake shop near me, you can call us at Isher Eggless Bakers.

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  • Issy D
    a month ago
    Learnt about this cake shop online and placed an order for a blackforest cake very easily through their site. I didn't place any follow up calls or emails after I placed my order, nor did I provide a pick up time on the day I choose. Order was ready when I sent my brother to pick it up at around 2-3pm on a Saturday. No issues were reported back to me about customer service. Only reason I mention this is because of another review here so I just wanted to clarify I didn't have an issue with ordering online or the pick up. Everyone thought the cake was really good when I asked them! I didn't buy the cake because it was eggless, but I don't think anyone would have even known the difference. If you're an omni who's not keen on the idea of an eggless cake, have no fear, it's just as delicious as a cake with egg! I think I would have preferred a bit more cream and cherries between the layers but that's moreso a very personal preference since everyone else thought it was a good ratio (I'm very much a huge cream and fruit girl to the dismay of my family who loves cakey goodness 🙈). Another reviewer mentioned the handwriting could be improved and I'd have to agree that it would have looked nicer more centred but I understand it can be a bit tricky to place customised messages. The cakes were also very affordable and I would highly recommend giving them a try. Definitely will purchase again. EDIT: Have tried more of their cakes out! Love their vanilla cake but their red velvet was pretty dry and we didn't even finish half of the cake despite sharing the small cake among 6 adults. So will give that a miss next time!
  • Mehak Kamboj
    2 months ago
    Today i bought a cake from here and it was too yum and also their front staff girl the Amritdhari was very beautiful and she was very well mannered. Good
  • Rebecca Khampha
    6 months ago
    Wonderful eggless bakery. Cakes are fresh & delicious. Staff are friendly & accommodating with cake designs. Great savoury pastries as well. Very competitive prices. Highly recommend.
  • Kate Draeger
    11 months ago
    Had a great experience with this bakery, had to get a vegan cake last minute for my 21st and this just happened to be the closest place to my house that could do it with only 2 days notice. The cake was absolutely DELICIOUS! Probably the best vegan chocolate cake I've had and my party guests loved it too! Will definitely be going back and recommending to my friends!
  • Maria Ngo
    11 months ago
    We ordered a black forest cake online four days prior for a 16th birthday. We also told them we would pick it up at 4pm. There was no one in the store front when we arrived to pick up the cake. We could see through the gap that there were people at the back of the store but they were in no hurry to respond to our bell. When someone eventually came to the counter they did not seem to know that we were picking up a special black forest cake. They did not know that there was meant to be a message on the cake either. We had to show them the email on our phone. they kept us waiting for another 10 to15 minutes and seemed super vague and unfriendly. They even missed out my son's name on the cake. The cake was also lack luster in decoration and rather lacking in cherries and jam. As a cake it was nice and moist and palatable but not what we had ordered. Overall, customer service also needs improving.

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