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JB Auto specialists European car mechanic. Best car service in Moorabbin, Brighton, Beaumaris, Bentleigh, Mentone & near suburbs. Call us on 03 9532 0277.

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  • Dave McLaughlin
    3 weeks ago
    Great service. Honest and fair pricing with quick turn around. Highly recommended.
  • Alan Huynh
    3 months ago
    Jim Beylin supplied a a Roadworthy Certificate for a car which I purchased off a private seller. First issue was the speedometer wasn't working properly. During the inspection I called Jim and asked him for an update of the repair and he said it was fixed, I wanted to know more information over the phone to clarify what was causing the issue and he simply replied "Listen, I'm very busy right now I'll tell you tomorrow" - It came off very rude and dismissive. Second issue, after passing the roadworthy and purchasing the car I took the vehicle to a specialised mechanic who works specifically on these vehicles (will not mention due to privacy) and he discovered the radiator was leaking and the brake pads was below the legal limit and needs replacing. Overall, I found Jim Beylin VERY unprofessional and dishonest. I didn't bother going back to him to resolve this as it'll cost me more time and money. Also considering how dismissive he was to me initially I don't trust him to honestly fix the issues found about purchasing the car (radiator and brakes)
  • Ashok Nayak
    4 months ago
    We had a great experience with Jim. He's knowledgeable, honest, does what says and when he says he will do it. We saved a heap going to him after the dealership quoted thousands to make a repair. They also told us that we needed to do it immediately or else the car might suddenly go to 'limp mode' and stop dead suddenly. Jim took the time to diagnose the problem and told me it was not critical. He needed to keep it for a day or two to start it cold and properly diagnose the parts that needed to be changed. If we needed the car, we could bring it back a few weeks or a couple of months later. After I took it back few weeks later, he called back with a clear quote which was a quarter of what the dealership quoted. I've got the car back and it's running beautifully.
  • Ada G
    4 months ago
    Excellent service! Easy, quick, flexible and honest. Will be coming back. P.S. Very clean as well.
  • Renaissance Parquet
    6 months ago
    Specialises in exotic and european. Small workshop with massive knowledge base

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