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Howard Ghedia Accountancy is an established firm of Accountants, Tax Specialists and Financial Advisors. Offering a friendly and high-quality service provided by our team of personal accountant experts. Primarily, we are a firm based in Norwest Business Park in Baulkham Hills.

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  • Brenda Rogers
    6 months ago
    Howard Ghedia is a naturally supportive person who loves to help others become successful. He has all the time in the world for his clients. I have found his guidance on business matters to be invaluable.
  • Michael Duffy
    11 months ago
    Quickly and efficiently understood my scenario and came up with a cost effective solution to solve my issue. I feel better already
  • Rebecca Raad
    a year ago
    I would highly recommend Howard as a trusted advisor. He is highly knowledgeable, and a person of influence. He gives excellent advice based on experience and your personal circumstances. Highly recommended.
  • Amy Luo
    a year ago
    I'm very pleased to find Mr Howard Gehedia and his business. His level of professionalism is extremely high, and his advises on my overall business operation, structure, finance, accounts etc have saved me a huge amount of money, and made my business in a better position in terms of cash flow, net profit, balance sheet. highly recommended if you are looking for more than just a book keeping.
  • Linda Knight
    a year ago
    I have known Howard for about 25 years, he has been helping me beyond what you expect from a normal accountant. He has also helped with my investments purchasing several investment properties that offered a good return. Throughout the years Howard became a good friend I can turn to him with any issues I had and offers innovative ideas that I never would have thought of. I recommend Howard as the complete package of accounting, compliance and finance expert.