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We employ the latest Level 2 sleep technology providing hospital grade information at a much lower cost to the patient. Home Sleep Studies Australia qualifies for Medicare funding.

Home Sleep's equipment records a patient's sleep patterns through a device about the same size as a mobile phone fitted over their t-shirt. The process is non-intrusive and respects the patient's privacy.


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  • PD Angel
    4 months ago
    Its been amazing to sleep again!! Thank you Chris , I really appreciate your assistance!!!! Great products and service !! Sleep apnea is very serious and you want the right support from the right clinic.
  • Benjamin Shelley
    5 months ago
    Chris and Nicole were fantastic to deal with and were able to answer the many questions I had regarding sleep apnoea. I’m only 2 days in using my new cpap machine and Chris has been great following up with me and adjusting settings for me. I’m so excited about the future and feeling fantastic so I would recommend speaking to Chris and Nicole and getting yourself sorted and well looked after! Ben 😃
  • Adrian Baker
    7 months ago
    Chris and Nicole were a pleasure to deal with. Very professional and knowledge of the condition and products were next level. I have had the machine for only two nights and noticed a complete change in my energy levels through out the day and the better night sleep. I can’t recommend Chris and Nicole high enough. Thanks guys, was a very easy and painless exercise
  • Peter
    8 months ago
    Chris' service and knowledge for CPAP is first rate by a long shot. He makes sure you are looked after and that you get the information and CPAP equipment suited exactly to your needs. His depth of experience and knowledge becomes apparent when he explains the sleep report to you. He is very good at answering all of your questions in a very comprehensive and practical way. I fully recommend him. Peter.
  • Sharnie Sirotic
    8 months ago
    Chris and Nicole are a great team. I was just diagnosed after a home sleep study confirmed my suspicions and now I need to make the CPAP machine my BFF. I'm so grateful to Chris for coming out and setting the test up and then gently explaining the results. Nicole was a fantastic support to me afterward as I became a bit overwhelmed by the diagnosis, treatment and what it all means for me moving forward. I'm hoping to have a solid sleep tonight for the first time in years! Thank you so much.

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