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Supplier of leading brands of fireplaces and BBQ's located in Home Hub, Marsden Park.Come in and check out our BBQ and fireplace showroom and warm yourself up today!

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  • Jacob Aflak
    7 months ago
    Georgia needs a huge raise! She was extremely helpful, knowledgable and most importantly - went beyond customer service expectations. I purchased a Weber Q and mentioned that the box may not fit in my boot. Georgia offered to wheel the BBQ down to my car, and offered a helping hand in trying to load it. When we realised it didn't fit - she had already equipped herself with a Stanley Knife, so we can cut the box open and separate the contents. This ended up fitting, and she also happily took the box to the dumpster. It's experiences like this which will ensure that i will never shop elsewhere for any BBQ supplies. It's people like Georgia who turn customers into fans.
  • Warren Thompson
    9 months ago
    The staff were extremely well informed and very helpful. I was able to order the parts that I required.
  • D J Murray
    12 months ago
    This is a really nifty store and the staff are expecetionally helpful. A family run franchise that knows that it takes the extra mile to succeed. Whilst there are cheaper alternatives on the market, they will pale in comparison to quality and service!
  • Karen Van Gramberg
    a year ago
    For all your BBQ needs and then some... Look no further
  • Amitesh Naidu
    2 years ago
    Great customer service by Kasper. Great collection of items. Highly recommended, even if you don't want to buy anything, just go in for a browse. They also have great bbq sauce and recipes. Also don't be fooled by cheaper non-premium Weber's that are sold at places like Good Guys, Harvey Norman, etc. If you compare prices make sure it's apples for apples. And premium Weber for a premium weber

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