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  • william morgos
    a month ago
    at first I was scared that its going to be some what painful. However, the dentist was making sure that he wouldn't hurt me during the surgery and made it such a great experience. Price wise, very affordable and reasonable. Overall, service gets 10/10
  • Cheryl Wick
    2 months ago
    Thank you so much for seeing me and getting rid of the pain! Now I know where to go
  • Joy Carlisle
    2 months ago
    Helped me out when I was in agony when no one would! Thank you thank you!!
    8 months ago
    Excellent service by staff at Hillier Road Dental! The head dentist was very gentle and friendly. Felt super comfortable throughout the appointment and would recommend this clinic to anyone who is usually scared of going to the dentist. I love my dental visits! :D
  • Morrie Morrie
    8 months ago
    Went to this Dental Clinic today... 20/10/19 and as per to be expected, this business was let down by the initial point of contact, 'reception' and wow!! what a reception I got all right. Unfriendly, unhelpful, rude, inpatient and I had the audacity to, 'ask questions'!! Once again! yet another business that wants your money yet don't feel they need to be friendly, welcoming or helpful at 'reception' and giving the rest of the business a bad name. I certainly won't be spending my hard earned money here, if they think it's ok to represent themselves in this way. There are so many choices available to us and we are all struggling with our dollar, so why do these businesses continue to think that it is acceptable to provide anything less than exemplary customer service?? Especially!! to potentially new clients. You could argue that it's not the other people in the business fault, just reception?? However, the Dentist is responsible for employing these people and his or her responsibility to make sure they are performing to a high level of service at ALL times!