Professional Building and Property Inspections in Melbourne

If you are looking for an independent building inspector in Melbourne, then Focal Point Building Inspections is the right company. Here, our inspectors have extensive experience in providing comprehensive assessment services at affordable prices.

Whether it's a residential or commercial structure, it's better to inspect it thoroughly before investing your hard-earned money. Hence, take advantage of our new home advantages in Melbourne to get the house which is right internally and externally.

With our enviable experience and skilled inspecting team, we gained a reputable name for giving accurate building inspections at Point Cook, Tarneit, and Caroline Springs in Melbourne.

All our inspections are in line with Australian standards. We are also the member of Master Builders Victoria, and hence you can trust us for the right and standard house inspections in Melbourne.

  • Handover inspections
  • Pre-purchase building inspections in Melbourne
  • Pre-sale building inspections
  • New construction inspections
  • Dilapidation report in Melbourne

If you consult us for these services, you will get a detailed report of the faults, defects that are present in the building. Our inspectors also notify you about the crucial problems so that you can set a budget aside. Hence, you can get a transparent, efficient and honest service with us.

We also provide mobile property inspections across Melbourne to provide convenience to all our customers. Contact us today or browse our website to know more about us.

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  • Contact AJ
    2 weeks ago
    Nice inspection work by Shaun at every stage of my house construction, I recommend him to anyone.
    I was very satisfied with the services of Shaun from Focal Point Building Inspections. How I wish I already engaged them at the early stages of building. It would have prevented a lot of headaches which came later. if you want to build or are building now, Shaun can advocate for you to sort any issues with your builder.And I am telling you that there are builders who want to get away with about anything. Don't let them by engaging an inspector like Shaun of Focal Point.
  • Stephen Lewis
    a month ago
    Recently I had the wonderful.experience of working with a seriously impressive professional Building Consultant who was overwhelming recommended by my eldest daughter who excited about purchasing her first home with her husband. They were quite rightly perplexed due to the effect of the virus during lockdown and their lack of knowledge of assessing the quality of their purchase. Then everything feel into place after a recommendation to contact Shane Pawsey from Focal Point! My daughter reported how nice and helpful he was initially and explained the process and the report in a comprehensive manner along with a very comprehensive report. This gave them the support guidance and knowledge to make an informed decision to purchase their first home. My Daughter and her husband due to this positive experience no doubt advised us to engage with Shaun and his company for a pre settlement inspection. This was difficult due to social distancing, virus and difficulty communicating with personnel! Shaun to his credit persevered with emails phone calls and a flexible time frame. Due to his persistence the Property Inspection was completed and and an extremely detailed report was emailed to us and properties builders. This property has been purchased and at first I was disappointed with initially so many examples of sub standard workmanship! After an email Shaun was very punctual informing us and putting the Inspection Report in perspective so that we completely comprehended what needed to be expedited! We are all seriously impressed with his process, communication, punctual and informative Reports and truly value his skill knowledge and expertise! Regards new apartment owner Mr Stephen J Lewis
  • Pel Chol
    a month ago
    I could not be any more happier with Shaun's service. Very good. Very Professional and he knows his job very well. Thank God we got him to inspect our house in a time where we were sent an invoice by the builder for the fix stage. But Shaun found things that should have been done in lockup stage. The builders were quiet when I presented the inspection report to them. Love your work Shaun.
  • Aneesh Raveendran
    5 months ago
    Excellent peoples to work with. Good value for money. Leave the inspection with Shaun and you can relax as he will look after everything.

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